TWISTED TOWER DIRE Wars in the Unknown

759706Here we have the 6th full length of unsung heroes of true American heavy metal Twisted Tower Dire, and even though they are not that well known on the larger scale every true metalhead absolutely knows their worth. This band has played tried and true heavy metal when it was less popular then being a child rapist, never got their due of recognition in the resurgence of the genre and even shouldered on through huge personal tragedies. Jonny Aune is now familiar face behind the mic and where his debut for the band, 2011’s Make it Dark represented the slight deviation in their style, Wars in the Unknown represents to the sound that Twisted Tower Dire is most known for. Mentioned predecessor was slightly more melodic and so to say jovial while this release returns more to the past while still keeping that direction. Music on Wars in the Unknown got some more of that old epic feeling that we know from albums such as The Isle of Hydra while Jonny’s vocals are bringing in a lot of that catchy earworm factor. The result of Wars in the Unknown is the album that mixes all of the band’s discography into one while still moving into the new direction that was found on Make It Dark. Even though some ill fated events again happened to the members of the band in between the two albums you will be hard pressed to guess it since Wars in the Unknown sounds positively energetic. All the band members are giving their best on their instruments and the music sounds really hungry – like you are watching the band rehearsing and having great time while bursting out these tunes. It is clear by those descriptions that Twisted Tower Dire has provided us with absolutely righteous heavy metal just the way it should be, so we can just hope that this band will finally caught on more metalheads. Whatever the case, Wars in the Unknown is yet another hit in their discography as it sounds both traditional and fresh and most importantly: filled with quality songs, as there are no fillers to be found therein. The break between Make it Dark and this one was long, but as long as they are providing albums of such quality I am more than willing to wait that much!

  • No Remorse Records CD
    Slobodan Trifunovic (8)

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