EXUMER Hostile Defiance

Exumer-HostileDefianceGerman cult thrashers Exumer have just shown to the world that they will not be removed from the scene so easily like they did in the 80s and their 5th full length aptly titled Hostile Defiance is a firm proof of that statement. The thing is, they have released just two albums in their first incarnation and disappeared without a trace, but second time’s the charm for Exumer as they have just unleashed their third post-reformation album without signs of slowing down. Hostile Defiance is, just like the title suggests, raging thrash metal monster from the beginning to end but for this occasion Mem Von Stein and his cohort have pulled a few tricks from their collective sleeve. Hostile Defiance features some really cleverly included melodies among ball kicking riffing but without sacrificing the rawness thrash metal is well known for, Truth be told, in their bare beginnings Exumer has been true product of Teutonic scene but this album shows that they have diversified their craft so it would be hard now to position them as simple German thrash metal horde. On the other hand, fear not fellow bangers as Hostile Defiance is chock full of riffs that will possess your neck with hours to end – Exumer are thrash metal band first and foremost which this album shows crystal clear. But Hostile Defiance is not a simple brainless metal fun as Mem himself suggests: lyrical content deals about questions of mental illness the man is expert of, and raises various questions about that often forbidden subject. It is also good to see that the band does not sound tired and drained out, like it is the case with various reunited troops from bygone era, but rather very alive and ready to kick you in the nuts which is actually the essence of good metal album! All in all, Exumer are here to stay which is a proven fact by trio of good albums that they have put out recently. All bangers partial to old troops are well advised to check out Hostile Defiance and see for themselves that this reunion is not a lost cause, but rather successful one.

  • Srecko Sitic (8)
  • Metal Blade Records CD

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