KETZER Cloud Collider

a3132983599_10German heretics Ketzer are back with their fourth album aptly titled Cloud Collider, which will mark somewhat return to form after very weird spot in their career. For those unaware, their 2016’s album Starless represented huge departure from black thrashing sound that got them a good name in the underground – mentioned album featured huge doses of dark rock and post punk and reactions of fans were fiery to say the least. Three years have passed since then and Cloud Collider is in a way that the people who dig Ketzer in the first place would enjoy but that is only on the surface so to say… We should say that no two Ketzer albums sound alike and Cloud Collider is no exception to that rule. The album’s style is for sure more standard metal than Starless – that is absolutely true. Destructive drum sections and ripping riffs will satisfy the thirst of all the fans into their brand of black thrash metal but there is also more to be found therein. The band kept its sense of mystic melodicism largely found on Starless and cleverly interwoven it into Cloud Collider but it is not so easy to see upon the first glance. You will need some repeated listening to truly grasp all the devious arrangements that are prepared for Cloud Collider and that is a great strength of the material in my opinion. This album really seeks you attention and will unfold its grace with the passing of time, contrary to plastic mass of metal that is being spewed out in large doses these days. On the other hand, Cloud Collider does feature a lot of catchy sections (predominantly in the vocals’ department) so getting acquainted to it should be no hard task. I should also mention that Proscriptor McGovern (Absu) lent his characteristic voice to No Stories Left, gracing the album with his legendary charisma. All in all, Cloud Collider is the album that should really appeal to fans of Tribulation or current Ketzer’s tour mates Slægt: atmospheric and forward thinking extreme metal, and it also will bring the fans that got scared of Starless back into the fold.

  • Metal Blade Records CD
    Slobodan Trifunovic (8)

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