POSSESSED Revelations of Oblivion

53725716_2724086410939782_1220809969595580416_n-820x820I have to admit at the very beginning that this will be one very hard review to write. Why? Because I fucking worship Possessed, that is why! Their debut album Seven Churches was one of my very first extreme metal records back in the day, the one that started it all for me along with records such as Scream Bloody Gore, Blessed are the Sick or Under the Sign of the Black Mark. Who can forget the moment when after the mystical intro for The Exorcist all Hell broke loose, I still vividly recall that exact time when my jaw dropped to the floor and I instantly fell in love with this immortal record. Soon thereafter Beyond the Gates and Eyes of Horror came into my life, and although they are not as classic as debut album (but then again, rare albums are at that level) I was also killed by them and revere them as cult releases of death metal. Well, we all know how the story went after that… We all thought that Possessed were destined to be burning in Hell forever but more than decade ago the news came: legendary vocalist Jeff Becerra reunited the band with some new faces, at first only for live shows. Slowly but surely the rumors about the new Possessed music came to be, and I have to say that I was skeptical at first. We are all well aware how those reunion albums suck at most cases and I did not want to see that legacy of one of my favorite bands is spoiled by some stupid forced record no one needs. But Jeff has carefully chosen people around him, live shows were proven to be killer (I was lucky to see them at Brutal Assault 2017) and finally the third Possessed album entitled Revelations of Oblivion begun to take form.
A bit of the longer introduction but still necessary one, if you ask me. You see, Revelations of Oblivion is finally here and it is very hard to measure it objectively. The thing is, I know old Possessed albums by heart and instinctively I will measure the new music up to those old standards and compare it to old stuff… and I am pretty sure not to be the only one! Those boots are impossible to fill, but in my opinion Jeff did the smartest thing possible. He decided not to fuck with the good formula and Revelations of Oblivion is one album in tried and true Possessed tradition in all aspects. His main partner in crime for this release was guitarist Daniel Gonzalez (Gruesome, Create a Kill) who composed the music with Jeff and it is safe to say that the man is a fan himself and that he knows how this band is supposed to sound. All doubts that you had about this record will be shattered the instant when the opener No More Room in Hell starts blasting from your speakers, and you will breathe in relief.. fuck yeah, good old Possessed is back! Guys did not see this album as competition who is fastest, hardest, meanest… no, they have already changed the metal world for good when they have released the first death metal album ever, and now all that is left is to write good music. This album is exactly that, it is filled with good tracks in old band’s tradition of diabolical death metal with twisted riffs and long decimating solos. It can be heard that Jeff himself is older, no doubt about that, but he also still has that unmistakable recognizable commanding growl that will warm your heart. Some things that slightly bother me about Revelations of Oblivion are the length of the album – 53 minutes are a bit too long for Possessed album and they should have trimmed some songs a bit – and the sound picture done by Peter Tägtgren, mostly in drums, as I feel that they sound a wee bit too modern for this band. But everything else is done just properly and it is good to say that this album turned out to be very good, against all odds to be honest. Try to listen to Revelations of Oblivion objectively and you will see that Possessed is back and they really mean business!

  • Nuclear Blast CD
  • Slobodan Trifunovic (8,5)

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