KULL Exile

If you ever wondered how the next studio album of mighty Bal-Sagoth could sound I guess that Kull is the answer. Well, the debut album from bothers Maudling (who stands actually behind the music of Bal-Sagoth) actually sounds like the second part of ”The Chthonic Chronicles”. Furthermore, some songs like ”A Summoning of War” really sounds as if they were directly arriving from The Chthonic Chronicles’ era. So, ”Exile” is following the steps where the last and the final record of Byron’s Bal-Sagoth has stopped.

Anyway, I strongly think that brothers Maudling has done a good job with their debut offering without Byron and somehow I liked the idea that they will try to do something by themselves. The only thing that separated their new offering from Bal-Sagoth are the lyrics since they are different from Byron’s very original tales and novels. But, when it comes to vocals it seems that they have choose the person who will sound more or less like Byron in some parts, but I have to say that I adore the idea that they have added some clean vocals pieces here and there. I think that they should do it more since it separates their own works from Byron’s Bal-Sagoth and give to their musical journey special credit and more original note. There are few songs that I have already enjoyed from the very start but if you like to get ino ”Exile” you need to dig it deeper and you’ll need obviously time to enter the realms of Maudling’s debut offerings. Obviously, there are layers and layers of epic and bombastic  orchestrations and keyboards, and perhaps the guitar work could be more prominent as it’s the case with several tracks. If you are careful enough you will notice that each song has its own part of the record and that each song is carefully crafted. Some tracks are more based on epic orchestrations, while the others are darker and faster. Also, i guess that the cover artwork has played a lot of impression when it comes to listeners.

Anyway, I am indeed glad that we have the chance to enjoy and to once more dwell into the reals of brothers Maudling’s music with or without Robert Byron. here and there they could improved themselves next time, since i really like to heard the next material from them, but if you are fun of high-class symphonic black metal and if you are lover of Bal-Sagoth’s musical journeys then Kull is the righteous choice for you!

  • Black Lion Records CD
  • Marko Miranovic (9)

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