PROTECTOR Anthems and Pandemonium

We are proud to present you one more band Protector (Germany) on Metal Sound pages. Of course, as always expect some traditional heavy metal stuff. And although Protector are veterans they still have very aggressive sound and devoted style!


Although that protector is one veteran band please could you get us some info about the group since this is the first time that we have a chance to present you on our pages…
Protector was formed in Wolfsburg / West Germany in the summer of 1986 by Michael Hasse (drums/vocals) and Hansi Müller. In the beginning of 1987 bassplayer Ede Belichmeier and myself (Martin Missy / vocals) joined the band. We released the debut EP „Misanthropy“ in the autumn of 1987. In the seven years that followed, the band recorded one more EP and four LP’s. Protector played live all over Europe, among others with SODOM, KREATOR, WEHRMACHT, NAPALM DEATH and TANKARD. During the first years of its existance PROTECTOR also went through several line-up changes. Between 1994 and 1996 the band was „on hold“. From 1996 on drummer Marco Pape continued with the band together with three new bandmembers. This version of PROTECTOR existed until around 2002/2003. In the end of the year 2005 I, together with the swedish musicians Carl-Gustav Karlsson (drums), Michael Carlsson (guitar) and Mathias Johansson (bass), formed the PROTECTOR-coverband MARTIN MISSY AND THE PROTECTORS, with which we played live all around Europe until 2011. In the end of that year we decided to officially reactivate PROTECTOR again and to record a demo called “The Return of Thrash and Madness”. Since then we have played live all around Europe and recorded three LPs (released on High Roller Records).

As a matter of fact Protector just got a brand new out ”Summon the Hordes” so please could you tell us something more about your latest offering?
„Summon the Hordes“, which was released by High Roller records on the 26th of april this year, contains ten oldschool Thrash / Death Metal songs. So if you like teutonic Thrash Metal, you will like this LP as well, I think. We recorded the album in Berlin an Stockholm in the autumn of 2018, with Harris Johns as engineer/producer. The cover artwork is from Andrej Bartulovic.

Could you compare ”Summon the Hordes” with your previous releases? Does it own usual vibes that are most common for each and every Protector’s issue?
I would say that „Summon the Hordes“ has a lot in common with our first three releases (Misanthropy, Golem and Urm the Mad) and our previous two releases (Reanimated Homunculus and Cursed and Coronated). It’s german Thrash Metal with a touch of Death Metal in it. The only thing that can differ a little bit from the other recordings is the sound that Harris Johns gave us.

Actually, there was a huge pause, really huge one, between your albums, between 1993 and 2013. Why there was such a huge pause? I suppose that the band actually splinted up during that time…
The band had taken a break between 1994 and 1996, and after that, only drummer Marco Pape wanted to continue with the band. He found three new bandmembers with whom he recorded one demo (Resurrected, released in 1999) and played three gigs. Around 2002/2003 this lineup of Protector disbanded. In 2011 I started Protector again in Sweden (where I had moved to in 1995) with some swedish musicians.
I also guess that you’re now going to have some shows here and there and start to promote the band, am I correct, are there any dates in plan?
We will do a little european tour in autumn 2019: Kassel / Germany (27 september), Prague / Czech Republic (28 september), Budapest / Hungary (1 october), Kosice / Slovakia (2 october), Warsaw / Poland (4 october) and Wolfsburg / Germany (5 october).

Could you compare for us Protector in 1986 and Protector in 2019? What’s the difference between having a band at that time and now? Each time has its own chemistry.
One thing was of course that everything was new regarding different musical styles in Metal. Almost every month there was a band that started a new genre (Death Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Crossover…etc). Today there is not much really new happening. There are a lot of „New Wave of“-bands instead. Another thing, that was different, was the internet. Back then you had to build up a fanbase by sending out demos, writing letters, trying to do as many interviews with (often underground) mags as possible. Today you can reach thousands of people (sometimes more) by just posting a message on facebook. On the other hand that message can also drown in the big flood of messages on fb (unless it’s shared by a lot of people), so everything has an up- and a downside. The fans are pretty much the same though, at least at our concerts: Metalheads with vests full of patches, jeans, bullet belts, bandshirts, long hair. Regarding this, a gig often feels like entering a time machine and going back to the 80s (if you overlook the fact that almost everybody has a cellphone today). And there are more girls at extreme Metal concerts nowadays then there were back in the day.

At some point of time there were even four CD compilations released containing some material from Protector? How did it happened?
This was during the time, when Protector was not active (2003-2010). There were some undeground labels (I Hate Records from Sweden, Area Death Productions from China and Wroth Emitter Productions from Russia) that contacted me during that time, and asked for permission to release compilation albums. Because Protector wasn’t active back then, it was ok with me.

Could you tell us now something more about your lyrical background since?
I get my inspiration for the lyrics mainly from books, movies and „real life“.

And for the end of the chat please tell us little more about the future plans of Protector?
At the moment we have no further plans except for the tour in autumn. After that we will see what the future brings.

  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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