First thing that I have to mention that this was my 5th time at Summer Breeze and SB has become my favorite festival! The main stage turned out to be the best one not only with the great bands, but also with the massive and perfect sound. Also, we spent this year much more time at main stage than on T-stage which was a little different than previous year (if I could recall well)…

Wednesday: After a break from Wacken (which we really needed) the first part of Metal Sound crew (Jurgen and me) has among the first to arrive at the opening day, Wednesday night, so called Nuclear Blast evening. Anyway, we have arrived just little after Soilwork has finished their performance so it was time to check out the terrain and prepare for Hypocrisy to arrive. To me it was already the 3rd time to see Hypocrisy at Stage during one year, but anyway it’s more than welcome to see Peter and company live anytime and once more they took the stage with brutal and massive assault of their most wanted hymns. After them Enslaved came as a sort ”a calm after the storm” with their more relaxing but yet aggressive style. Anyway those two act were the best for me that particular night.

Thursday: this day has started very early for us all since the entire MS team has arrived as a wave already for Twilight Force. And, yet it was such a great show, lots of fun. Still I can somehow accept Twilight Force and I think that with Alexandro that they sound even better. Later that particularity night we were able to see Avantasia but yet their show was not so interesting as before, I do not idea why and how but everything was calm, some say its because they choose the wrong songs…But, yet then Cradle of Filth took the stage by sudden assault. I’ve already seen them at Wacken just like 10 days ago but this show was even better. They performed the entire ”Cruelty and the Beast” album, the sound was awesome, the atmosphere malicious and great. Brilliant after midnight show 🙂 So, two show of Cradle of Filth within a ten days it was really marvelous and grim experience and yet they sound as in the old days. That was the moment where I found that Summer Breeze has the best main stage with the best sound, and the best place…

Friday: the day where we spent the most time on main stage and as far as I could recall everything has started with Brainstorm, they were really good and they open the day very early. Anyway, as usual I was focused more on the night-time show or evening show at least. So, at Friday I was more focused on Emperor and King Diamond, and Hammerfall as well. Actually, Hammerfall was good, perhaps too cheesy for me they have become but as far as I have seen them countless time thus far this was their show where they putted the best of their efforts. And since they are playing German power metal the people were indeed glad to enjoy in their hymns. Anyway, the best show that evening was from Kind Diamond. Everything was more then perfect the stage, the sound, the performance… King’s voice was ruling over every aspect of Summer Breeze and if I need to pick one o the best performances this year at Summer breeze, that should be the King’s one. He played every and each song which were indeed great hits during his brilliant career from Sleepless Night to Father Picard and yet he also included one more song that is completely new and I have to say quite interesting, since it has a lot of potential. The last band for that evening session was legendary Emperor and they performed their second album ”Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk”. Well, this was the 4th time that i was able to see Emperor so already I could say that i know what to expect. And aside of one technical problems and issues they delivered one marvelous offering, more focused on music then on aesthetic or theatrical feeling so to say. The performance was brutal, epic and massive.

Saturday: it was more a day for relax for me since I was not so interested in many bands but I have accompanied my friends when they were looking for some other bands and a like and I was more focused on just walking here and there on festival ground. Perhaps I spent the most time on Lordi and Eluvetie. Eluvetie provided us with a great show and I have to say that we have a great respect since they really putted so much efforts in their both shows at Wacken and at Summerbreeze but yet somehow SB performance was somehow better. Later that night I’ve seen Ghaal with his band (quite ok) but the show was on the third stage, which still has a good sound. More or less, I was during the entire day waiting for the two last shows. And, finally they came: first was Dimmu Borgir. I didn’t expect better show, since I’ve already seen they at Metal days like 3 weeks before but yet their show was quite ok although I do not like a new songs, but anyway I really enjoy it. And the final one for the Summer Breeze 2019 and Saturday was the assault of Unleashed. Just two weeks ago they delivered a brutal old school performance at Wacken and once again they offered brilliant set of their most legendary songs. So, at the final end I was holding a hammer high (and indeed we got one hammer that night so I was like walking though in-field along side with the hammer 🙂

  • Marko Miranovic
  • photos by Jurgen Frickinger

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