We all know the role of Sweden in metal world, of course. For this time we will concentrate on HM2 pedal driven sound of death metal and era when Sunlight studio was the law and bands such as early Entombed, Grave and Dismember dominated the worldwide death metal scene. Albums such as Left Hand Path, Into the Grave and Like an ever flowing Stream are rightfully hailed as classics nowadays and their influence was spread all over the world. One country that has caught that virus was, of course Germany which is hotbed for all kinds of metal and Endseeker are one more band that plays in this particular style. For sure, if you played their Metal Blade debut and second album overall entitled The Harvest without knowing you would not know from where this band comes from, as everything just oozes traditional Swedeath. From songs to production work you will be reminded of those mentioned, and numerous other, groups of old and you would perhaps say that you do not need another copycat. The thing is, Endseeker simply plays this style very good so there is always need for quality metal like that. After all, those old bands will end their existence and who will carry the torch of this sound? The answer is, bands like Endseeker. Truth be told, they are not reinventing the wheel in anyway but that is not the point of this album. The band has shown that they have finished the school of Swedeath with good grades and they both know how to furiously attack like in brutal opener Parasite and even groove like Wolverine Blues on video song Cure. The production is of curse filthy ad HM2 driven just like it should be, so the final product is rounded in all aspects. So the final conclusion is – if you are not overtly philosophical about your metal but rather ask for good stuff regardless of originality, and in the same time you enjoy described style Endseeker and The Harvest might be just right up your alley

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (7)

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