ENTRAILS Rise Of The Reaper

793025Entrails equals Swedish death metal, no second thoughts about that. The band was created to celebrate the glory days of Swedeath and that is the course that the main man Jimmy Lundqvist and various members have stood up defiantly for decades now, so if you search for originality and progression in your death metal go look elsewhere. But on the other hand if you want to maul you head with good dosage of HM2 driven death metal look no further than the 6th album of these Swedish warriors. It should be mentioned that previous Entrails’ album World Inferno featured a bit weird, somewhat raw sound of the guitars but Rise Of The Reaper sets the course back on familiar path, as I have already mentioned. I have already said that there is no new solutions for metal to be found on Rise Of The Reaper and that could turn off some fans but I say – to Hell with that kind of thinking. Old guards of this sound are tired and scattered and someone needs to keep this style from demise, and Entrails simply know how to do that with quality tracks, and no more philosophy about that. When you get to hear numbers like The Pyre and Crwl in your Guts all will become clear to you, this is Swedeath in all its glory. I must say that Rise Of The Reaper upped the dosage of heaviness and mid tempo HM parts in overall Entrails’ style which is no bad thing after all, as it has increased the headbanging factor of this tracks. Other ingredients such as gloomy melodies and fast brutal sections are all kept here so fans of the band should have no worries about this offering. It is more than clear that Entrails will never change so take it or leave it as it is, and Rise Of The Reaper is one more quality album on the path of this troop. Only if the cover art was a bit better as the reaper on display looks a bit childish… but those are minor gripes to be honest. Entrails soldiers on without consent for everyone, so bang your heads with Rise Of The Reaper – as simple as that!

  • Metal Blade Records CD
    Slobodan Trifunovic (8)

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