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Endseeker is perhaps a new name on worldwide death metal scene, but all the people into good old traditional death metal of Swedish ilk should check out this troop hailing from Germany. Their second full length entitled The Harvest was good enough reason to hook up with Lenny (vocals) and Jury (guitars)…


Greetings Endseeker and welcome to the pages of Metal Sound! How are you guys doing these days?
Lenny: It’s a mix of euphoria (because of the release) and being totally fucked up (after our release show on Saturday). Getting old and all this shit. 🙂 All in all I am happy!
Jury: It´s all awesome. “The Harvest” has been released last Friday and the overall feedback is very positive. The release show was a blast. Over 400 people in our hometown Hamburg, wow! We also have about 15 shows in front of us, the next one is in two days, so there is definitely nothing to complain right now . But yeah, Lenny is right, we are quite old guys now, that have to take care of their back and we probably need a few more days to revitalize, haha…

The reason for this chat is of course your new album entitled The Harvest that is about to be released! Would you say that you have surpassed your debut Flesh Hammer Prophecy with the new album in all aspects?
Lenny: I guess it’s a question of taste. When we recorded “Flesh Hammer Prophecy” we couldn’t imagine to surpass this album in the future. Now that we released “The Harvest”, my personal feeling is we can’t surpass “The Harvest” in future as well. We are very satisfied with the results. The production is clearer and the songs show a lot of diversity. The whole album shows for us a good balance which makes it easy to enjoy for us. When I have to comment my vocals on “The Harvest”, I prefer them in comparison to “Flesh Hammer Prophecy”. A good development.
Jury: I love both albums, as well as our first EP, for different reasons. But I think “The Harvest” is for sure our most diverse album and very well rounded. It´s not about the “better”, but it´s definitely the next step for us and I think we were able to create an exciting album, even for the fans that loved “Flesh Hammer Prophecy” or the “Corrosive Revelation” EP. For me, it´s important to give our music always some new twists to keep it fresh, and I think that´s what we achieved.

There is no secret that you play Swedish styled death metal and you do it very well, so what would you say about the debate originality vs quality in metal?
Lenny: Thank you! My opinion is that originality and quality fit together very well. We play Swedish styled Death Metal, because we like and hail it. Why shouldn’t we play what we feel? Is there a need to invent a new metal style just therefore nobody can tell you “copycat mimimi”? Every band has its roots somewhere in other bands. There are many metal bands in general. And many of them are good. Especially the recording possibilities got better through the years. When I get the feeling music is without passion (what is a big deal for “quality”), I can’t dig it.
Jury: To make it short, to deliver high quality songs and albums is the only benchmark for us. For Endseeker, it´s not about inventing a new metal subgenre. After “Dwarf Metal” was formed a few years ago, it´s even quite impossible I guess, hahaha… so we feel absolutely comfortable in playing old and true HM-2 styled Death Metal. That´s what we wanted to celebrate since “Day 1”. But that doesn´t mean that we only recite. After 3 releases I´m quite sure that we add an own note or taste to the whole

Death Metal microcosm, even it´s clear that we are highly influenced by the Stockholm sound.
This is your first album for Metal Blade so can you please tell us how did this cooperation come about and how are you satisfied with it? Your fave bands from Metal Blade roster right now?
Lenny: The release via Metal Blade is just a teenager dream coming true! We are still so proud that “The Harvest” can reach more people we ever thought. We first met the A&R of Metal Blade at Summer Breeze Open Air in 2017 where we played. After that show we stayed in contact and there was interest of both sides to work together. Metal Blade asked for a demo with tracks for the new album. After this demo we got an offer we couldn’t deny. 🙂 Metal Blade is such an important and historic label! An honor to join this roster. And the collaboration is just stunning! Good people! I enjoy listening for example to Cannibal Corpse and Lik.

You have also unleashed video for Cure so can you please tell us something about it? Would you say that videos have place in this youtube age?
Lenny: Cure is our second single. Ben, our guitar player, is professional film and video maker. He does all of our videos. You can expect 100% Endseeker, when you watch our videos. Cure was recorded in “Bahnhof Pauli”, a location at the famous “Reeperbahn” in Hamburg. We are “Hamburger Jungs” and like to show it in this video. We decided to make a performance video, where you can see everyone of us in action. Live shows and spreading live energy is our strength. Our aim is to capture it in our videos. Metal videos are still important, because they can stimulate more senses than ears. To watch a song can unleash some wild fantasies as well.
Also you have done one usual cover for the bonus track and that is Megadeth’s hymn Symphony of Destruction, so can you tell us something about that choice?
Lenny: First we had no intention to record any cover version for this album. Before we went to studio, to record “The Harvest”, Metal Blade asked if we want to release a single as 7” vinyl. One of our songs on side A and a cover song on side B. What a chance! So we thought about possible cover versions and had a few in closer selection. But none of them gave us the feeling “Wow! That’s it!”. After several rehearsals one of us came with the idea of “Symphony of Destruction”. And nobody had doubts. We wanted to cover a song which is not settled in OSDM or SweDeath. This hymn just felt perfect. After recording, the cover version impressed us so much, that we put it on our digi release as well.

Can you tell us something more about the lyrical themes of the album and the themes of nature and impending coldness that you talk about therein?
Lenny: Every song stands for its own. There is no lyrical concept for the whole album. I get my inspiration out of news, strange videos and observations. For sure nature is the most important source. Sometimes it gives a perfect inspiration also for social injustices and the global madness that keeps me running. As a specific example: “Parasite” is about deep-sea angler fishes. I consider male and female as lovers. The interesting point is that this species has sexual dimorphism. So the female is a lot bigger compared to the male. When both decide to copulate, the male moves to the female and bite inside the skin. This is the signal for the female that her skin starts to overgrow the small male. The male gets completely incorporated. The bloodstreams get connected. But almost everything else gets dissolved. At the end, the female has a sperm gland that she can use in the way she wants. So where is the male? Is this organism dead? Is he now a part of the female? Fascinating! And all this you can also see from a social perspective. In humanity there are also existing imbalances in relationships. Who dominates whom and why?

Eike Freese was once again responsible for the production work so can you explain why did you chose him, are you good friends by now?
Lenny: We know Eike since many years. He is not only a friend, but also family. Recording is a lot of fun with him and he can push us to our best performances. We feel very comfortable to work with him. He knows the sound we want to capture. When these are no arguments to continue working with him – I don’t know. 🙂

How do you see the situation of death metal in 2019 and more specifically, Swedish death metal with old guards like Entombed splitting in two…
Jury: As a die – hard – fan, it hurts to see what´s happening with Entombed. But I guess the last brilliant album of them was “Inferno”, so I have to deal with that since 16 years, haha…but as I said, I´m a big fan and will always be. And I think it´s exiting that especially Nicke and Uffe are working on new stuff together with Alex, so I have high expectations. I really loved to watch their reunion show at the boat in Sweden, they were awesome, so my fingers are crossed! Entombed A. D. is a different thing.

Not bad at all, especially the first record, but as a lifetime fan I would have preferred if they would have chosen to get a different name. But overall it´s all their decision and my opinion is not necessary.
Beside of that, I think that the death metal scene is really healthy these days. I mean, Dismember are back (at least live…), what the fuck!!! And there is always some new strong band coming up and we also have some old but strong veterans on board, so it´s all good. Just to mention LIK or the latest The Crown record. But otherwise, the genre is quite staked now, so musically considered, you know what you get, so to speak. So in my opinion, the genre evolved more in the nineties than now. But it´s all good.
I am also interested to know your top 5 death metal albums of all times, and also can you please point out some bands that deserved more but stayed unappreciated?
Def. not enough and impossible, so you get a nerdy Top 15 list from me hahaha…
Entombed – Clandestine
Entombed – Wolverine Blues
Dismember – Indecent & Obscene
Morbid Angel – Covenant
Morbid Angel – Domination
Grave – Soulless
Morgoth – Odium
Hypocrisy – Abducted
Gorefest – Soulless
Necrophobic – The Nocturnal Silence
Amorphis – The Karelian Isthmus
At The Gates – Slaughter Of The Soul
Malevolent Creation – Eternal
Desultory – Bitterness
Bolt Thrower – For Victory

Good actual and smaller DM bands that you should have on your radar are Corpsessed (FIN) and Temple Of Dread (GER). And Interment maybe never got “big”, but are nevertheless important for the SweDeath scene.

Are you perhaps planning to tour for The Harvest, where can we expect to see you in the next period?
Lenny: Due to our personal lives with job, family and so on, it’s difficult to tour a few months a year. Therefore, we focus on as many weekend shows as possible in Germany and other European countries. Also, we plan some tours for 2019.
Jury: Yeah, and then we for sure also have all the festivals here which we would love to play. And we also talked about wanting to do a 2, 3 or even 4 week tour in Europe, if that possibility will come in. So we will see which opportunities happens. We are thrilled to play as much as possible.
That would be all for this occasion, I would like to thank you for your time and wish you all the best! Your last message…
Lenny: Thank you so much for your questions and your interest! We highly appreciate it. To the readers: When you haven’t listened to “The Harvest” yet, feel free to check it out. Thank you for your support!

  • Questions by Slobodan Trifunovic
    Answers by Lenny and Judy

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