796790What can I say about this cult epic metal band that you already do not know? All the fans of purest metal art already know their tale filled with tragdy and triumph, but the good thing is that the world caught up with their wizardry years before they ended their career for the first time, the band finally met the accolades they so rightfully deserve so their reunion was inevitable. The band came back in 2015 with almost full old line up (only bass is handled by Jarvis from Night Demon) and the string of successful live shows soon followed. The bend is wisely not in hurry to release the new material, as we all know everything they do will be measured up to classics such as King of the Dead so only one new song entitled Witch’s Game is released up to this point. One logical step is of course to release live album so the fans will have something to tide over until the new material so here we have it: first official Cirith Ungol live album ever aptly titled I’m Alive. Metal Blade has prepared versions with DVD portion but we have not been provided with it, and for this occasion we are reviewing 2CD version with songs from Upt the Hammers festival 2017 and Hammer of Doom 2017. Those lucky enough to see this troop on those ocassions have been blessed with immensely powerful performance as withessed here on recording, as the band truly transpired the power of their albums in live setting. I must say that I am happy that setlists stems from all four albums, most notably it is good to see tracks from 1991’s Paradise Lost which was often maligned even by the band members themselves. It is obvious that they have made their peace with it and rightfully so since that release features some truly killer material. Perhaps the most brightly shining star here is singer Tim Baker who sound like all those years have just passed him by without notice, truly stellar performance by him. Of course the rest of the band is no slough either, so I’m Alive represents the band just in top form. I was not yet lucky enough to see live this legend that defies the laws of time but I’m Alive has finely shown me how does it sound like. Here’s to hoping that I will remedy that in near future, and all the fans will have great time with I’m Alive while we all are waiting for their 5th studio album!

  • Slobodan Trifunovic
  • Metal Blade Records 2 CD


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