ANGEL WITCH Angel of Light

AngelWitch-AngelOfLightAll the connoisseurs of true heavy metal know about the name of Angel Witch, the band which was one of the ring leaders of NWOBHM movement and whose eponymous debut album cannot be escaped when discussing the cream of the crop of this era. We also know that the band had very turbulent history and one name was there all along to keep things together: guitarist and vocalist Kevin Heybourne pushed the name Angel Witch all along and comparing to previous album 2012’s As Above, So Below where the line up was not fully formed for this occasion Angel Witch is proper band with stable members. This album was cooking for years now but that does not matter as we all can agree that we do not need some half assed release under this moniker. The shadow of old works is too long, this troop does not need to rush things up to maintain the popularity so the smartest thing was to prepare the album carefully in order to prevent disappointment. The final result is that Angel Of Light sounds better than its processor where the band sounded like it was searching for itself still; no more as this 5th studio album of Angel Witch sounds like true group effort which natural bled into the songs themselves. The album is kicked off with Don’t Turn Your Back which sounds like it came from some old cult NWOBHM 7’’ single and while we are at the theme of old, it should be said that the band re-recorded old demo track The Night is Calling for this occasion. Eight songs in total so you can see that the band didn’t overstay its welcome with a bunch of unnecessary tracks done just to fill the length of the album, and I need to mention that overall feeling is that the songs themselves are catchier than those found on the previous album. But on the other hand Angel Witch did not lose the complex parts found on As Above So Below, it’s just that they have incorporated them better in overall picture this time. The production is not modern by any means, it sounds like you are just listening to the band playing in front of you. In this process only sacrifice is only Kevin’s voice which can be swallowed by riffs here and there, and we can honestly say that his voice was never that loud and strong anyway. Hell, we all know that everyone will compare this release to debut album but can anything which the band will ever do can stand shoulder to shoulder with it? Most probably not, and we must listen to Angel Of Light with a pair of unbiased ears and admit that this is a very good album. After some searching with previous one, Angel Witch found their ground Angel Of Light and hopefully they are here to stay this time around.

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)

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