ENTRAILS Rise of the Pyre

Swedish deathers Entrails are here with their 6th album entitled Rise Of The Reaper and as usual, you will be treated with traditional dose of killing old school death! Band’s leader Jimmy Lundqvist is here to tell us everything about it…


Hello Jimmy and welcome to the pages of Metal Sound! How are you doing these days?

Hello there. And thanks a lot.. I am doing just fine. Reloading the batteries from last weekend at Scandinavian Deathfest.

The main reason for this conversation is of course your latest platter of death entitled Rise Of The Reaper! Now that everything is said and done how are you satisfied with it, is there something you would change about it?

Alright. Let’s talk about that. The album became as we wanted it to be, and there is nothing we would like to change. After working hard with pre-demos and sculpturing all songs and finally had it recorded and mixed and all elements falls into places, we couldn’t be happier about it

Your previous outing World Inferno had somewhat abrasive sound while Rise of The Reaper returns to more standard Swedeath buzzsaw style. How would you comment upon this statement?

That’s pretty much a correct analyzing. We wanted to go back to the Tomb Awaits era and be in the comfort zone and the fans who loved that album for the sound should also like this new one. Dan nailed it in the mixing and the sound is more or less the exact same as Tomb Awaits. But it takes a good stereo to fix this sound. Doesn´t quite work in your iPhone or stuff like that. This is the real deal. We hear a lot of complains about the sound, but I know it’s a fully working audio and sounds damn good. But needs good equipment to give back the fat sound.

You have dug up some riffs even back from the 90s demo tapes for Rise Of The Reaper, how did you manage to find them and what were the main sources of inspiration for this release?

That’s true. I dug into my bags, and boxes that are filled with tapes and shit from the early days, both before the start of the band and after Entrails was put to rest in 1995. And that holds a lot of stuff just waiting to be a part of any song of today. The Sources must have been the nostalgic passion once again. There is nothing that can beat that when it comes to make music. And while hearing what’s on those tapes it gives a certain flashback to the 90´s

Once again you have faced some line up changes, as it seems to be the curse for Entrails. What can you tell us about these unfortunate events?

That’s true. It has become a stupid curse it seems. but unfortunately, many bad decisions and a lot of bad luck was fooling us around on the last 2 years. We thought we had this perfect lineup last year when we did many shows in Europe when drummer and 2 weeks after the guitarist declared they will leave the band after the last show. They just find out they had kids and family and while that wasn’t any problems in the beginning it was clearly so just suddenly. And they left the ship. Just weeks before we were supposed to begin with recording of this Rise of the reaper album. And that’s more or less the biggest issue we have been dealing with. People that doesn’t get what it takes to be in a band and have all things sorted up back home.

Dan Swano seems to be staple for the work on Entrails’ albums. What can you tell us about your cooperation with this death metal legend?

Only positive words. He knows what we want by now and he gives us damn good sound every time. Doesn’t need so many versions until we are there sort of. He is a swede and have my kind of humor and it’s very easy to work with that guy..

You always follow your albums with special releases such as 7’’ singles, will it be the case also this time?

That is Metal Blade’s thing they do on every release. It usually ends up in 3 singles before the big day. Cool thing and expectations go wild and people will be excited and wants more and more. ¨

You are about to play on Scandinavian Deathfest with the line up that seems to be the wet dream of Swedeath fans. What do you think about this event and what do you expect from it?

Indeed, a damn cool event we are joining. That line up is huge and should be a line up that would go on tour and conquer the whole Europe in every way.

While we are at it, everyone knows classic albums, but can you choose for us the most underrated death metal albums and bands from your homeland in your opinion?

I am the last person you should ask such questions. I barely listen to any music made after 1995 if I don’t have to. So I don’t really know what I should answer on this one.

We have mentioned the term Swedeath a couple of times, Entrails plays this style without remorse so what do you think about the debate originality vs quality in metal?

In my opinion no band that is playing any kind of metal etc. have an originality. Every band are influenced by other and “borrows” ideas and a bit of the riffing to make their own stuff. And some hides it well and some don’t. And some makes it into quality, and some don’t.

What lies in the near future for Entrails, are you planning to promote Rise Of The Reaper with some bigger tours?

We´ll see what happens. A few shows are booked, and festivals next summer is also booked and if I can decide we will do a tour next autumn. And that´s our booker’s job to find us a tour. We were supposed to do a tour after this release, but it was more or less impossible to find dates and clubs etc. that could book us. We had a bit short of time to arrange a tour, so we do it next year instead and we have plenty of time book something.

That would be all for this time, I would like to thank you for your time and wish you all the best! Your last words here…

Check out our new album if you haven’t done it yet. A solid album with plenty of swedeath to make your neck do some serious headbanging. And hopefully we will meet you guys out there sometime if we are on the roads heading your destination. Until that, cheers.

  • Questions by Slobodan Trifunovic
    Answers by Jimmy Lundqvist

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