1349 The Infernal Pathway

789678The Infernal Pathways definitely among the best records in 2019, if not the best one. The music is coherent and yet the band does not fear to step out from what we usually today know as black metal standards. But, we have to keep in mind that the best Norwegian bands during 90s were able also to dwell into some other waters, not only the orthodox ones. So, the same remains when it comes to 1349 with their brand new offering. But, I think that only Norwegian bands (even today) are the only one who could freely step out into something new, innovative without loosing the quality and originality that why the most other bands are just followers of their style.

Anyway, already people have noticed/mentioned that the latest 1349 offering sounds much better than any newer record from Satyricon and that the frost’s drums are brutal as hell. I personally like how each songs has its own vibe, but everything sounds so coherent and ritual and that was the biggest questions when it comes to latest Borknagar. Of course, I like also the latest Borknagar’s issue, but it lucks exactly the same thing that 1349 owns. I have many favorites on their latest album but Towers upon the Towers and few others are among my list. I like each and very moment of 1349’s latest offering The Infernal Pathways. The album is very brutal, full of energy, but also there’s a place for melodic places and harmonies as well. So, the entire record sounds excellent from the very beginning until the final tune. Even I really like all these interludes between each songs, they somehow made the atmosphere to be more malicious, more eerie. it’s indeed needless to note that this is far better than any Satyricon’s offering since 1999 and beyond (if we consider that Revel was the last innovative record from Satyr).

Anyway, now I am really looking forward to see the band finally after so many years once again on stage with legendary Frost. It’s somehow pity that Frost now can only show his full abilities with the band that was secondarily to him. After all what is said and done in 2019 I think that I have my favorite 🙂

Marko Miranovic (9)

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