DRAGONLORE At the Mercy of Kings

Just recently we have received a bigger promo package from Pure Steel promotions and there I have foound some really intersting acts to be reviews. And one among these bands was Dragonlore from USA.
Hello Dragonlore and welcome to Metal Sound pages! Please, could you tell us something more about your upcoming CD that is scheduled to be
published at 17th January 2020 for Iron Shield Records? Could you present your forthcoming CD from your point of view?
Thank you and it is our pleasure to do this interview with you. It will be released on CD, Digital and the Vinyl will be through Iron Shield and Metaleros Records. We are very happy and proud of the album. Many of the songs were actually written back in 2001 with three of the tracks being brand new. The songs take on there own life and identity really, that is the magic of Dragonlore songs.
Since this is the very first time that we have a chance to present Dragonlore on our pages could you tell us a few things about the band so that we could learn more about Dragonlore?
Dragonlore is made up of some of the very best Chicago land area musicians We are focused and driven as a band to deliver the best quality Metal that we possibly can. We are all passionate dedicated musicians who love Metal.
As a matter of fact “Lucifer’s Descent” is the title for your forthcoming CD. So, please tell us more about the songs on the particular record? Do you have any personal favorites that could represent the album?
“Lord of Illusion” is about Harry Houdini, “At the Mercy of Kings” is about a government oppressing its citizens in ancient times, but rings true today for many people still. “Lucifer’s Descent” is about Lucifer being cast out of Heaven along with his fallen angel minions. “The Driving Out of Demons” is about Exorcism and how many people fall under a negative influence and do not even realize what is happening to them. “Witchhunt” is about the Salem witch trials and how even innocent people were tortured and accused of being witches. “Saved by Love” is about someone being saved from themselves by the true love of another individual through unconditional and true love.
” Blood of the Barbarian” is about the life and struggles of a warrior in ancient times. The horror of war and how he lives with it everyday. “Tomb of Alalu” is a story about Noahs great grandfather Alalu and how he was betrayed and banished from his homeland. “Destroyer of thee Undead” is about a bounty hunter killing vampires and he is haunted by them as they try to infiltrate his thoughts and manipulate his mind. “Hand of the Gypsy” is about having the courage to follow your dreams and being guided by the positive spirits along your path. As far as personal favorites we love them all and hope that the Metal community also will love them all.
What did you want to express by the cover artwork for a brand new record “Lucifer’s Descent”?  Actually, the cover looks very much done in modern epic fantasy style with dragons and everything around.
Well we wanted to represent the title “Lucifer’s Descent”. That is the scene you see on the front cover art. Artwork is very important to us and Drake Mefestta did a fantastic job on the artwork for us.
Which bands would you like to name as a reference to Dragonlore? I have some really good few names in my mind like Helstar, Metal Church or OverKill: so could we say that Dragonlore is the classic US band?
A few of our influences would be: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, King Diamond, Queensryche, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Metal Church, Accept,
Helstar. Yes we are proud to be a Classic Heavy Metal band from the US.
Since we’re not aware so much of the band please could you tell us a little more about Dragonlore at US scene? Are you active also as a live band in US?
Yes, we are a new band playing to support our very first record, as of now we will be playing in the US to support the album. We would very much love to travel to other countries and we will if we are given the opportunity to do that. So yes we are also a live band.
How did you sign a deal and contract with Iron Shield Records in Germany? It seems that there are already lots of good reviews coming around as far as I have noticed: are you satisfied with the first feedbacks?
Well we sent out a number of submissions to several different labels and we developed a friendship with Thomas Dargel of Iron Shield Records and saw that he was very passionate about Metal and really loved the record. We feel confident that he will do everything he can to help us along and support the record, so we signed with Iron Shield. Yes, we are always grateful to get positive reviews and feedback from people. But what matters the most is the Heavy Metal fans supporting it, buying the record, merchandise and coming to see us play if they can. Thank-you very much for the great interview and support!  Please follow us here: www.facebook.com/dragonloreband
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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