CLOAK A Voice in the Night

Cloak is one of the latest bands that I cased my eye, and already from the first tunes I started to be interested in the group and their old school style. Of course, I am a huge fan of Tribulation and I found many links with Tribulation style and vibes, although the band has its own sound. Anyway, I did one nice chat with Scott where we have discussed about the band and their latest offering released though Season of Mist Records.

First of all we would like to welcome you on Metal Sound pages! Please, could you tell us something more about Cloak since this is the first time that we have a chance to have an interview with you on Metal Sound pages pages? 

Scott: Well as you already know, we just released our second album which is called “The Burning Dawn”. The touring schedule is beginning to take off as we’ve already hit the States and will be going to Europe in January 2020. Most of what we are doing is preparing for this tour along with future plans for the album support.

Cloak has just issued a brand new offering, your second album, so please could you for the beginning tell us something more about your latest issue ”The Burning Dawn”? 

Scott: The Burning Dawn captures what we do best as this point in our journey. It took everything that worked for us on the first album and amplified it. It’s a better album in our eyes and the songs are much more intense to play live, serving as the perfect mixture of chaos and mysticism. We’ll be playing the album in its entirety on December 28th in our hometown of Atlanta, GA.

What’s hiding beneath the title of ”The Burning Dawn” and the cover artwork, what kind of emotions you would like to present/express with the lyrical and visual side of the band? 

Scott: When the album’s songs really began to come into true form, I started to feel a very haunting presence within them. The entire atmosphere of the album is a forewarning of something to come, something sinister and something very dark. This is how I view the world at its current state, and I wouldn’t say I’m alone in this feeling. Although my perspective may be more spiritual than most who view it as merely political turmoil.

Could you compare Cloak’s debut album with your latest offering ”The Burning Dawn”? ”To Venomous Depths” was your debut album released two years ago (2017). 

Scott: When we wrote To Venomous Depths we were still discovering who we were as a band in many ways, which is common for most band’s debut albums. This is what makes debuts special to me, they hold something that probably will never be captured again due to a sort of artistic confusion if that makes sense. When I hear certain songs from the first album I think “this is unique for us, I wouldn’t be able to write anything like this now”. Certain structures and artistic expressions just came out differently back then, and I love that about it. The Burning Dawn saw the band take off in more aggressive and confident ways, and it’s very apparent when you listen to it. We learned how to get to the point more effectively, as well as hit where it counts. It’s a powerful record and will most likely live on to be one of our best works.

Anyway, do you plan to have some shows here and there and promote your latest offering since the band has become more prominent now? I mean, it will be indeed nice to see you one day in Europe playing on some of a bigger festivals around.

Scott: We’ve been touring very consistently since December of 2018 and will continue to do so in order to promote The Burning Dawn in the way that it needs to be promoted. Cloak is a very strong live band and people need to see the songs performed in the flesh to fully understand the intensity behind every note of the music. We’ll be hitting Europe for the first time in January 2020 as I stated above, and we are beyond ready to get there.

How about your influences? What sort of influences do you store in your particular style especially when it comes to speed and traditional heavy metal bands? Of course, many journalist and fans do compare Cloak with more established Tribulation.  

Scott: It changes every day. Today it’s Sargeist, tomorrow it could be Scorpions. Tribulation is not nearly as big of an influence as people may think, and the comparison is getting a bit cartoonish. We can draw from NWOBHM bands, German and Bay Area thrash, UK crust like Amebix, 90’s US and Swedish death metal bands, and of course 1st and 2nd wave Black Metal. The list is endless depending on our moods. There are no limits in the world of Cloak.

You already have a great support and promotion from Season of Mists. Many bands would wish the same, so how do you feel about t that? Do you feel any privilege?

Scott: Not necessarily. Labels are nice to have, but they’re not the end all be all in the music business of today. Season of Mist is of course a great label and they distribute well, but what makes or breaks a band is touring, dedication, and drive. We have all three of those things plus more, so we’ll be sticking around whether people want us or not.

Well, I would like to thank you for your time and the interview and I am really looking forward to seeing the band once when you are able to perform here in Europe!

Scott: We’ll be there sooner than later, thanks for the interview.

  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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