We have already done one interview with Necronomicon back in the past or at least it was one interview, or maybe even two. Nevertheless, the band has a brand new u=issue out entitled Unus so we have used another chance to have one chat with the band and speak about their latest offering.

Necronomicon has just returned with 6th full-length so please could you tell us little more about your latest offering Unus?

A: Unus is the continuation of what we have been doing but also the new vibe of where we are heading. On this one we decided to work differently in studio going more modern in the production and less traditional like we used to do with all previous albums. We need to live in our time and technology have been going very fast on making recording an album a total different job than what i know myself. But at the end its the right way to do it.

Could you please compare your latest record Unus with your previous issues and tell us a bit more about the fresh elements that you brought this time into Necronomicon's style?

A: Well first, it was the first time i was having 1 song that have a full orchestral part from start to the end (From Ashes into flesh) i never did that before. Also, we tried to go faster than before (300bpm) but kept the most ambiance and melodic to not go all chaotic, and it that same song we went almost commercial, that one is Paradise lost, we wanted to start one way and finish totally in a different matter of vibe.

Tell us now a bit more about the lyrical conception behind the latest offering? What kind of occultism themes have your explored this time? Also, it will be welcome if you could add a word
or two about the visual concept of the cover artwork?

A: I went from my standard point of view to Lovecraft mythos and theory this time , i wanted to bring that back a little because since we pass the 30 years mile stone and the name of the band is one of is most famous creation i decided to incorporate some part of his art into the lyrics and blend it with my own occult view. A kinda coming back to the origin in a way.

Since Necronomicon is a very active band so to say, what could you tell us about your history? Are you satisfied of what you have achieved by your 6 full-lengths thus far? What’s your favorite record and what was the most important record that you have ever released?

A: I’m rarely or never satisfied, every time we finish an album or a show i look at the things that could be done better or differently, Its pretty much like that in every aspect of my life. I think we should of released more albums but various circumstances made that impossible. Unus is the most important album for for many reasons personal and professional.

It will be indeed welcome if we could see Necronomicon anywhere in Europe having some show. So, do you have any shows in a short future in your mind?

A: We were supposed to go in EU next February but something happened and let say that it changed everything without us being able to fixe the situation, so we will have to look at it again later

How about the first reaction of both media and fans when it comes to your latest effort Unus? Are you satisfied by the reactions?

A: I must say really good. As usual there’s always some people who don’t like what we do but that like that for everyone in the music industry.

People usually compare Necronomicon with Behemoth, Morbid Angel, even Belphegor or Nile. So, what is your opinion about this, could you also drew some parallels with aforementioned bands and Necronomicon since you have so called black metal imagine but yet your music is more focused and based on death metal.

A: To be honest i don’t really pay attention to that, and putting names on style is most of the time really annoying, but i understand why everyone does it.

My self when started the band i always said i was doing metal, extreme and dark but mostly just metal. I can see a little why people say that about us but at the same time i think we are very different. I never heard of Behemoth and Belphegor prior to touring with them and my reaction when it did was just that they were both fitting really well on the tour package we were on. As for Nile i never really heard what they do honestly.

Some of the comment say that Necronomicon is (very) underrated band: what could you say about this opinion ?

A: Yes i heard that many many times and i do understand why. The thing is its been very hard for us to get through the international market and we still need to prove what we do is legit because some people never heard about us before even if we have been around for more than 30 years. Its really hard for a Canadian band the get out there because we literally have everything against us, most of the other bands from here than have a name could say the same, its a constant struggle

By the way, the production on a brand new offering is indeed a strong one, so where did you record the album and who was the producer?

A: The album was entirely recorded at Silver Wings studio around Montreal area (Quebec) but mixed in mastered in Las Vegas by Logan Mader from Machinehead who worked with Gojira, Septicflesh to name a few.

I would like tot hank you for your words and i am looking forward to see you on a tour somewhere!

Thanks don’t forget to visit us on facebook @ necronomiconmetal and instagram @ necronomicon_ca

  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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