Metal Days 2019 Report

It was one of the better festivals during 2019. And, actually, the entire festival tour has started with this one. In a moment when I am writing this review we even do not know if MD will continue to exist in the same form and at the same place, but none the less, I will always have some really nice memories from MD and Metal Camp as well. It was my first ever festival with quite unique nature and surroundings, and with really nice, warm and calm people. I always admire the trips to Slovenia.
I’ve returned after several years of pause to MD once again since the line up for 2019 was quite promising. And, indeed there were some greats show each night on main or on the 2nd stage. And, we did some nice interviews as well so everything was more than perfect in one way or another. I also recall some nice memories that I’ve spent in Tolmin in family house as well.

I have enjoyed in Hypocrisy show. I guess it was the the 3rd night and it was indeed a night to remember since firstly Hypocrisy appeared on stage and they took the stage with a great assault and Peter and co. have unleashed the best songs and pure chaos upon us. I have to say that it was much better performance than on Summer Breeze. But, just as I was thinking that it could not be more brutal than Hansi (Blind Guardian) and Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth) took the stage with just re-united Demons and Wizards and it was such a perfect show, since each track was played with such a devoted passion that I’ve never seen. And, yet they have come with the choirs and other thing as well. The stage was a little big close to Kind Diamond’s one that I have seen some years ago also in MD. But, never the less they played the best hymns from their two albums and everything was more than awesome: sound, atmosphere, audience, place. Since I’ve seen the same show at Wacken just two weeks afterwards I’ve to admit that this was better show and on some occasions I’ve spoken with Hansi concerning this particular topic.

Moreover, I enjoyed the show of Dimmu Borgir as well. I know that this is not as same band as before, but still I am finding some ”excuses” to take some time and to watch them here and there since DM is surly the band on vanning of their career and I guess that it will be harder and harder to see them anywhere playing at all ina future to come. But, anyway, the show was a spectacle for an eye. Yet, here and there DM has performed some good-old songs so we have even a chance to move a little bit 🙂 I’ve also noticed that they were facing some problems while they were performing some older songs which was quite odd.

But, there were some really cool shows (more like rituals I would admit) at the 2nd stage. Tribulation had a great both visual and sound-wise performance one night. I guess this was already my 5th time to watch them and still I am indeed amazed how they are so vivid, so perfect in their art. Necrophobic was also quite good. They deliver a good assault of black and death metal hymns one evening and Saturnus was amazing as well, I mean it was such a pleasure to watch them after so many years…and yet on a main stage I’ve also watched Kalmah, and it remained me on them like a decade ago when they were on a pick of their career back than. The show was actually quite good, but somehow they lost ”something” though time. its a kind of sad thing since I liked few of their records much.


Here and there I watched some bands just for the sake ”of a killing time” in between like, for example, Arch Enemy’s show. I didn’t like it at all, but either way no one expect from AE nothing spectacular or refreshing there days. The show was pure mechanical routine. Mechanic performance, soulless.

Never the less, MD 2019 was indeed a perfect warm up for the other festivals in 2019 like Wacken or Summer Breeze, and, yet it was very nice, not only because of the music, but it was relaxed a sort of a ”calm before the storm”, before we were heading for Wacken.

  • Marko Miranovic

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