RAGE Wings of Rage

A1KQUUbffuL._SL1500_If you are at least a bit serious listener of melodic metal forms you know the story behind this troop so I do not need to waste many words about German institution Rage led by indestructible Peavy Wagner. Led by this man and his various line ups, this band has survived decades of various musical trends poised on bringing the fans quality albums with very little pause between them. In the last period Peavy functions best when his band is in form of trio, and after dismissing Smolski and Terrana he found new partners in Vassilios “Lucky” Maniatopoulos and Marcos Rodríguez. This is third album of this formation and you know what they say: third time’s the charm! You have guessed right, Wings of Rage is the best album out of three. As it seems, reuniting with old partners SPV after years being spent on Nuclear Blast brought back some freshness to Peavy and his cohort. The general formula of Rage did not change that much – we all know that they can play in thrashier, melodic, orchestral and heavy style with equal success but for this time the formula is to mix all those elements into one cohesive whole. It should be said that the focus for this time is placed upon faster and catchier side of the band, perhaps the best represented on title track which will instantly remind you of Rage’s albums from the first half of 90s. A lot of people consider that as one of the best moments in Rage’s existence so that will immediately make them further investigate Wings of Rage, and that kind of impression is solidified by re-record of old hit Higher than the Sky. Second half of the album carries some throwbacks to more orchestral era with songs such as A Nameless Grave or emotional Shine a Light, but I have to admit that I enjoy faster stuff on display here more. Nut the final verdict is, Rage shows no signs of slowing down on their 23rd (!) studio album and even more, they can surprise here and there with sudden bump in quality of their long established formula. How many bands are in such position? Not many so praise Rage once more for this very good effort!

  • Slobodan Trifunovic (8)
  • SPV/Steamhammer CD

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