MORTIIS Spirit of Rebellion

The lord of dungeon synth has returned stronger than ever before (or we hope so!) Well, this was the best way to start a new year. Spirit of Rebellion is actually remaking of some of older (ancient) Mortiis’ material recording back in 1993-1994. Anyway, it was very good back than, and this remake is even more better, giving more structure and symphonic or epic edge to each segment of the album composed and recorded back than in 1993-1994. I have to say that I am feeling enchanted in a way by the magic and myth of this remake since it contains the old atmosphere from the ancient Norwegian black metal days, but also now sounds even better with a new elements added here and there… Just have in mind his first three opuses, but done (enriched is more precis word I guess here) with layers and layers of keyboards and synths just as it was on legendary Startgate full-length. So, at the end you get Spirit of Rebellion. Btw, I have to admit that I do not get and like the new title, but anyway the cover artwork is really improved.

At the end of the review I would like to make a wish and finally (once more) to see Mortiis somewhere performing live (and I hope it will become soon my dream become true). I always adore his way and style although I didn’t like that much his later works, but even The Smell of Rain was a great record in its own way.

Marko Miranovic (9)

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