Dutch premiere blasphemers God Dethroned are back with their 11th studio album entitled Illuminati which shows that they are firmly back with full force. We all know that the band was on hiatus for a couple of years, but then 2017’s World Ablaze marked their return and now Illuminati is here to prove that they are as strong as ever. This album also marks slight changes in their well-known formula, changes that are as well as new as they are old. How so? The thing is, after three albums dealing with war themes Henri Sattler and his cohort decided to return to blasphemous themes which marked the first part of their career with albums such as Bloody Blasphemy or Ravenous. Music has followed suit accordingly so the album left approach filled with heaviness in favor of more melodic and atmospheric vibes. Throughout the whole of Illuminati one can find keyboards and elements of black metal cleverly interwoven in standard God Dethroned sound, which is more than welcome to me since it really brings back the vibe of those mentioned old legendary albums. They are in my eyes at least the forte of this band, so I am more than happy that they brought something similar to those familiar hymns. Also Illuminati is shorter than its predecessor which I always love to see, since they clearly went for ‘’quality over quantity’’ approach – there is simply no reason to fill the CD to the brim with filler material. In my opinion, Illuminati is much stronger album than band’s previous one and it shows that God Dethroned after all these years still has a lot to say. I cannot wait to see them in February in Belgrade, where they will present this ripper to Serbian fans.

  • Metal Blade Records CD
    Slobodan Trifunovic (8,5)

One thought on “GOD DETHRONED Illuminati

  1. Hi! Cool review, with a slightly different conclusion than mine, as I’m having small reservations against their more stripped down approach. Nevertheless I’ve been following GD since forever and Illuminati is a great record and a distinguishing one in their discography. I feel that despite giving them a 3/5 after some fighting with my own thoughts, I might be coming back to this record more often than expected 🙂 Feel invited to check out my blog, however it’s in Polish 😉 But it translates quite well via google translate 😛


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