BLAZE OF PERDITION The Harrowing Of Hearts

Here we have the 5th full length of Polish black metal spearheads Blaze of Perdition (their first for mighty Metal Blade) and while they made themselves well known in the underground with series of albums, EPs and splits The Harrowing Of Hearts is point in their career where I feel the band is going way up. The thing is, beforehand Blaze of Perdition have played competent yet pretty much standard black metal of Polish trademark vein while their previous album 2017’ Conscious Darkness has showed first discrete signs of progression. What was promised on its predecessor is now fully shown on The Harrowing Of Hearts and as I have pointed out, this release is the exact moment where this troop is shedding its skin and changing into beast yet unseen. For better or worse? That is really up to listener to decide, but in my eyes this morphing is very exciting one. What is exactly going on here? Well, Blaze of Perdition have cleverly interwoven influences of old gothic rock into their black metal assault thus making their art even darker. It should be noted that they did not went into some Cradle of Filth direction, no; they have searched for the inspiration in the wells of old English 80s bands and bonus track will show you what is exactly going on here. That song is entitled Moonchild and maybe you are already guessing – this is cover track of gothic rock gods Fields of the Nephilim. But for the proof of my words in their original material one can check out first album’s video single Transmutation of Sins and you will immediately see what I am talking about. In the midst of black metal blasting one can hear discrete gothic touches, in that way making the band more accessible. I doubt that it was their primary intention (if any) but I sense that bigger array of metalheads can get into Blaze of Perdition. Huge label as Metal Blade can certainly push them further, but in my eyes the most important thing is that the band came out with yet another strong artistic expression, mixing new influences in their core without sacrificing the aura and identity this troop became famous years ago. And that is the best thing one metal band can do, you would agree with me. For the end, I somehow sense that this is not the end of the searching new musical expressions for Blaze of Perdition so we will follow where the road will take them next.

  • Metal Blade Records CD
    Slobodan Trifunovic (8)

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