THRONE OF IRON Adventure One

Throne of Iron is a newcomer for most of us so we took the chance to have one interview with the band and to introduce our readers with this promising act. So, if you are a lover of traditional heavy metal tunes this interview and band might be a good catchy for you. So, if you feel nerdy and love to play DND this band is a perfect choose to you!!!

Please, could you tell us something more about Throne of Iron and introduce our readers with the band especially since this is your debut interview for our pages?
We started basically by accident in the summer of 2018. I had helped Corwin, our other guitar player, move and gotten a little drunk throughout the day while we were listening to a bunch of heavy metal records. I went home and wanted to hear more of that music so I decided to write some. That was the night that I recorded all three of the songs for our 2018 demo. I released it a couple days later, and after about two weeks or so, we got approached by No Remorse records to put out a full-length. And
here we are!

You are just about to release Adventure One; so it will be welcome to present your forthcoming album to our readers from your point of view?
The way I see it, Adventure One is the sound of four friends making music together in a basement. I had the idea conceptualize that this would be a fantasy role-playing eccentric band, and coincidentally all four of us play fantasy role-playing games.  The sound itself is reflective of early 80s heavy metal, which we were all exposed to when we were younger. All of that is filtered through the lens of role playing games from the same era, combined with a raw. naive, basement self-produced
sound. Everything about it is exactly how we intended.

It’s too obvious that you perform old school heavy metal but please tell us something more about your music and style. All four of us were in extreme metal bands before we started Throne Of Iron. We all come from death, black, and sludge metal backgrounds. But we were all kind of United by this common lineage of 80s heavy metal. So at the core of the music, it definitely is straightforward heavy metal. But because of where we were prior to this band, there are definitely some surprises that get tossed in every now and then musically.

I really like the cover artwork and the visuals made for your debut song and video, so please could you tell us little more about these?
The artwork for the album cover was done by David Paul Seymour, who has quite an extensive resume in terms of bands who he;s worked with.
Interior artwork was done by Mina Walkure from Kramp. As for the video, I wanted to make a video for this band that would capture the feeling and the overall intent of this band, and I believe that our video captures it pretty well. Our friend Alex plays a very physically imposing Lich, my guitar teacher plays our Dungeon Master, as he also plays RPGs, and my mom is yelling at us at the end of the video after the credit. It reflects the idea of a bunch of friends getting together to role-play, have fun, and
not take themselves too seriously. Obviously, We take the music very seriously, and would never put out material that we don't believe in. But overall, we;re in this to have fun.

In promotional info of the album its says: ''Highly recommended for fans of Dungeons & Dragons, Eternal Champion, Visigoth and Manilla Road!-so please could you comment this 🙂
Well, the fantasy role-playing lineage established by Dungeons & Dragons is extremely important, not just to this band, but to entire genres
of entertainment. The stat systems used by role playing games now are all based upon what Dungeons & Dragons established, including in video
games. Fantasy storytelling narratives for a lot of people began with coming up with stories for their Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. The same sentiments could be extended towards Manilla Road, who were one of the clear progenitors of what a lot of people are referring to now as;epic heavy metal". Eternal Champion and Visigoth are, what I would consider, the current torchbearers for this precedent that Manila Road established in the 80s and are actively inspiring a whole new generation to get into sword and sorcery metal.

Anyway, I see that you have been already booked for some of the upcoming festival like Up to Hammers so please tell us something more concerning your upcoming shows?
Up The Hammers will be our first time leaving the country. We’re both very nervous and very excited for it, but mostly excited! We’re looking forward to meeting the No Remorse Records team, as well as meeting up with old friends, and making new ones.  After we return from Greece, We will be setting out on a United States tour to play Rocky Mountain Riff Fest in Montana as well as to a few of our favorite places in the Western United States. Finally, just a few weeks later, we will be hitting
the stage for Legions of metal festival in Chicago.  Half of us were at Legions of metal last year, and we had an absolutely great time. This year line-up keeps getting progressively better, so we are extremely
excited to see how it continues to develop.

As a matter of fact you have signed a deal with No Remorse records so could you tell us more about it since they are recognized as one of the leading old school labels?
No Remorse approached us not long after the demo was released. They said that they liked what they heard and wanted us to release a full- length through them. Seeing as how they're one of the most, if not THE most, respected record labels in this genre, it was kind of a no-brainer for us. They were the only label that I really wanted to work with, coincidentally. So everything worked out pretty nicely for that. Being able to share a label with the likes of Eternal Champion and Dexter Ward, just to name a couple.

  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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