In the midst of destruction of everything around us due to damn virus, it is good to see that some things are not changing. Case in point – 9th studio album of USA death mongers The Black Dahlia Murder! This band is not known for reinventing the wheel but one album after another they are delivering their brand of melodic yet brutal death metal without any weird stuff, but rather commited in getting the job done. Their previous album 2017’s Nightbringers was lauded as TBDM’s finest hours and it seems that this troop has distilled it even more to get the best possible results. What does it mean? Verminous is a bit more versatile, hard hitting sections are even faster while mid tempo parts are a bit betterdeveloped while still keeping the sound itact. If you are not aware (and I guess that there are not many pople out there), their sound is very European in its core – filled with Swedish melodies enwrapped in USA brutality. Of course, Trevor Strnad is as venomous as ever spitting his lines like a man possessed while the whole band follows his suit. It is a bit strange how does TBDM keeps this pace after almose 20 years of existance but it is true, every time they release an album they sound like they are just getting started. Alive and kicking, it is more than obvious that they love what they are doing and it simply results in good albums. Nothing more and nothing less, TBDM are here to stay and one does not see the end of their road. Long may they live and reign.

  • Metal Blade CD
  • Srecko Sitic (8)

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