I am sorry to tell you that Serbia is facing another huge wave of covid-19 infection but on the other hand we have to turn to things we love… and what is better thing to keep us through this chaos and give us strength than our beloved metal? Finnish sword bearers Ensiferum are here with their 8th pagan assault entitled Thalassic in the midst of all this situation and I am more than happy to inform you that this is one of their most glorious efforts! Truth be told, I just love all of Ensiferum’s albums but for this time they have some newfound power to elevate Thalassic above (in my opinion at least) their previous 3 albums, which are also great efforts. There are some slight changes in Ensiferum’s formula just to keep things interesting, and those turned out to be winning combination which gave Thalassic absolutely exciting face. First of all, it should be said that this album is built around the theme of sea or should I say water in general, the atmosphere is majestic like we got used from this band but in some different way. It really compliments the season we are in nicely and it seems to me that Ensiferum chose release date on purpose. True or not, the timing could not be better. The second addition to their sound is inclusion of new keyboard player Pekka Montin who is also in charge of clean vocals, and whoever found this man had a stroke of genius that day. The inclusion of clean vocals was never this prevalent on Ensiferum’s album, I can say that he shares vocal duties with Petri absolutely equally and that gave to Ensiferum even some power metal overtones which is most obvious in tracks like Run from the Crushing Tide, The Defence of the Sampo or Rum, Women, Victory. On the other hand the album is blessed with those trademark Finnish divine melodies which you will witness on For Sirens (this song is in best Amorphis tradition), atmospheric sorrowful One with the Sea or hit single Andromeda (that refrain just won’t leave my head). Of course you will find standard Ensiferum joyful anthem Midsummer Magic (in vein of Two of spades) but this track is followed by Cold Northland (Väinämöinen Part III), monstrous epic closing track – I can honestly say to you that this one gave me goose bumps a couple of times! We have also received promo copy with two bonus tracks which are cool but not on the level of the album so it is wise decision that they are not included in the main thing. Oh damn, I just realized that I have mention every track on the album! That can tell you that this is one superb release where Ensiferum have even surprised me with such an immense quality, even though I am an avid fan of all of their releases. Thank you guys, we really needed the album like this in these troubled times!

Metal Blade CD

Slobodan Trifunovic (9)

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