FALCONER From a Dying Ember

81Yfsko1UGL._SS500_Although the year 2020 turned out to be horrible due to raging COVID-19 pandemic we are all sick of by now, there are some cool things happening in the metal world to ease our pain while being away from gigs, festivals and all our favorite activities. One of those things is for sure the return of Swedish power folk metal heroes Falconer with their 9th studio album From a Dying Ember which will be released in a couple of weeks. Truth be told, Falconer is not the kind of the band that will jump out from everywhere – they are not regularly touring band, they release albums only when they have something important to say but on the other hand that is a seal of quality. Their fans are used to get top possible quality by now and From a Dying Ember is no exception to that rule. It should be said that their previous album Black Moon Rising came out back in 2014 so this is the biggest break between Falconer’s two releases. That can be good if the band took the break wisely to write good material, but it can also mean that troop has no more inspiration and anything new to say. Luckily Falconer belong to the former category and From a Dying Ember is once again album filled with their characteristic sound. There are no bands that sound like Falconer and all that is left to them is to write good stuff in that vein, but the group has thrown in a few curveballs just to keep things interesting for the fans and themselves alike. One can get to hear keyed fiddle and bagpipe during the album so overall folky feel is more than alive, also the tempos are very varied. From ballad like Rejoice the Adorned all over to closing track Rapture filled even with blasts that harkens back even to old Mithotyn days, it is clear that From a Dying Ember is varied album. Of course, the story is led by unmistakably charismatic vocals of Mathias Blad that can be traced from a mile away. This man is far from a showoff, yet he has unique delivery where he is clearly recognizable and I guess that is the best quality a singer can possess. I guess that it is clear that From a Dying Ember is yet another triumph for Falconer for all their fans to enjoy in these times of tribulation, and it remains to be seen how their career will go on in the future…

Metal Blade Records CD
Trifunovic Slobodan (8)

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