LIK Misanthropic Breed

Underground heads are in the know of two metal bands with the same name from Sweden but for this occasion we are dealing with Stockholm deathsters Lik who are back again with their third album. The title of the album is obviously dealing with standard death metal themes which go hand in hand with the state of world, but in the words of vocalist/guitarist Tomas Akvik it is also homage to great bands of their scene. Dismember’s Misanthropic and Entombed’s Chaos Breed are well known hymns of Swedeath and this shall tell you what Lik is dealing with here. No reinventing the wheel, just Swedish death metal spiced with gigantic doses of glorious HM2 sound is what you will be punished with. Lik are also no stranger to that Maidenesque melodies which are cleverly entwined amidst the pummeling chaos, which is also one more thing their forefathers Dismember are well known for. When one reads these lines, it could be said that I have described every Swedish death metal under the sun and you would be right. So why would you listen to this album, I hear you asking? Lik are obviously paying homage to their ancestors and not trying to do anything new – in my opinion that kind of band should rest on gut feeling and energy. No one needs another lifeless copy of ancient masters but Lik are filled to the brim with rabid feeling and know how to write good songs, as simple as that. It all depends on one’s desire to listen to this style but I feel that there is always place for good bands even though they might be not original. Where are Dismember’s new albums now? Exactly, and Misanthropic Breed is here to satiate your hunger for something like that, old style. Coupled with great cover art (I bet this would look great on white T shirt) and already recognizable logo, everything is clear – Lik are back to kick some asses!

Trifunovic Slobodan (7,5)

  • Metal Blade Records CD

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