Is there a better time for the new release of two British extremists gathered under the name of Anaal Nathrakh? The world is in chaos, future is uncertain – in one sentence things are not looking nice at all. Anaal Nathrakh have been devoted to creating the soundtrack for the end times from their very beginning anyway, it’s just that the time is just about right. So let’s see what has changed on their 11th studio album aptly titled Endarkenment? Recently I have been a witness to discussion where some people have accused the band for losing their inspiration and repeating themselves. And I have to say that I disagree strongly about this statement. Anaal Nathrakh is a band that has found its style which is instantly recognizable – and that is such a rare quality to have. Now all that is left for them is to further develop it according to their own rules and wishes, and Endarkenment is no exception! Comparing to its predecessor 2018’s A New Kind of Horror which was short and filled with horror, Endarkenment is a bit more epic and grand… in terms of Anaal Nathrakh’s sound of course. Once again you will be exposed here to large doses of utmost sonic torture, it’s just this time things are a bit more melodic and for the best proof of my words just take the closing track Requiem. Even grandiose which is not that often feeling when you listen to this band, it represents a nice curveball for rest of the album. Vocals have once again to be heard to be believed and Dave Hunt is bombarding us with the plethora of styles – from his King Diamond wails, manic screaming all the way to earworm refrains. It should be said that those sections of the songs are as catchy as we already got used by now, so it is more than obvious that Anaal Nathrakh have infused this deeply into their sound by now. Endarkenment proves once again that Anaal Nathrakh have become the household name for British extreme metal and that they will keep their status with iron grip… with the albums like this one.

Metal Blade Records CD
Trifunovic Slobodan (8)

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