SIX FEET UNDER Nightmares of the Decomposed

Well, we all know the story about this band – love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are here for a long time and apparently here to stay which the fact that Nightmares of the Decomposed is their 17th album also proves. As for myself, I have to admit that their deliberately simple brand of death metal was never that appealing to me, save for a few moments such as the very beginning of their career with the first couple of albums. After that all has quickly boiled down to a mess of boring and unwanted albums, but Six Feet Under did have a bit of a resurrection at the beginning of the decade with Undead, Unborn and Crypt of the Devil. Fresh blood in the line up brought some excitement and variety but unfortunately 2017’s Torment has returned this ship to track of absolute boredom. For Nightmares of the Decomposed we all were inclined to feel some promise again since Chris Barnes announced the coming of Jack Owen into the fold. These two once did wonders in Cannibal Corpse but unfortunately that was a long, long time ago and return of that magic is not in the cards here… not slightly so. I have to go straight to the chase: this album is even worse than its predecessor, and Jack certainly did not bring his old style here but rather opted to play most basic death metal riffs that sound like they were coming from a coma rather than kicking you in the guts. The rest of the band follows the suit and on top of everything comes Chris’ vocals that have simply went down the drain, probably due to his lifestyle. Just take the first single Amputator for the proof of my words – on 3:15 Chris sounds like Cartman from South Park is singing death metal which is just funny, and those Cartman moments are scattered throughout the album coupled with his standard growl which is sounding just tired. Second single Zodiac will give you the direction of this album in a nutshell – just plain lifeless, and the same mood is spread all over Nightmares of the Decomposed. A few faster moments elevate the mood here and there but Chris is quick to take them down. I hate to say that this is perhaps one of the most disappointing metal albums that I have heard this year, and when one has the pairing of two original Cannibal Corpse members in mind it is even more sad to admit.

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Slobodan Trifunovic (4)

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