MORK GRYNING The Return with Fire

I can recall that 20 years from now, somewhere during a time when Maelstrom Chaos was released I have done one interview with Mork Gryning for my Hornburg fanzine at that time, but yet it was a long time ago. Now, after almost two decades its time to return fire and we have a brand new issue from Mork Gryning. I would say a great album.

First of all I would like to give you my congratulations for your latest offering Hinsides Vrede. It’s great work. So, are you satisfied by the reaction of the other people around?
Thanks. Yes of course, we’re overwhelmed by the response so far. It feels since forever since we recorded it (the world is a different place) and we’ve been looking forward to have it available for everyone.

I see Hinsides Vrede as a record somewhere between your debut album and Maestrom Chaos. Could you make any comment about that? Definitely it sounds closer to your earlier records…
Yes, those two are what I would call the “classic Mörk Gryning style” and that’s what we aimed for this time. But still it’s something quite different. There’s no symphonic 10 minute song like “Templars” from “Maelstrom…” for example. We wanted a straight forward album with short, intense songs and then the quiet guitar and piano pieces in between.

Please, could you tell me a little more about the cover artwork done for your latest album? What did you want to express?
It took a long time to come up with it but we finally came up with it and I’m 100% satisfied with it. To me it symbolizes the title and the lyric of “Sleeping in the embers”. The seals has been broken and Abaddon enters the world with his swarm of locusts.

Do you have any particular favorite track on the record and which one will be that?
It’s hard to say and it changes, but at the moment I’ll say “Black Spirit” because it’s one of these songs which is a bit of a gamble, you have an idea but you’re not quite sure how it’s gonna sound in the end. I think it turned out better than we could have hoped for and I’m happy to see that many seem to share that opinion from the reactions so far.

After so many years you have decided to come back with yet another great effort. How did it happen? What is your next move?
It was the reunion gigs that got the motivation up. That people still remembered us and that we still felt we had more to give. I think I would have regretted it on my death bed if we hadn’t done it. We’re looking at gigs for next year atm but who knows what’s gonna happen? I’m dying to play these songs live so I hope it will be possible soon.

How do you see the progression that you made both musically and lyrically during the last decade or more? Song structure sounds indeed mature…
Thanks, yes that’s my opinion too. I think, back in the days, we would add whatever riff that sounded good to a song, and it could be a bit chaotic – which can be cool, don’t get me wrong – but now we wanted a clearer, simpler structure with nothing superfluous. We let the songs be the masters and didn’t add a riff, even if it was a good one, to a song which was fine as it was.

Do you plan to have any re-releases of your previous work on Season of Mist both as CDs and LPs. I think that many people will ask for that…
Yeah, they’re releasing everything, both CD and vinyl except for the last album.

Does it mean now that you are going to be active when it comes to live performing as well as the situation gets better with Covid 19?
Sure. We already did a few gigs and were booked for a US festival and other gigs this spring. We hope we can do all those gigs next year instead

Answers by Goth Gorgon

Interview by Marko Miranovic

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