Ravening Iron is the second full-length coming from Eternal Champion. EC is definitely among the leading bands nowadays when it comes to US scene. They have one very unique style of playing and performing although it reflects the scene like 40 years ago. With Ravening Iron they are about to establish themselves as one of the best acts in traditional metal scene.

Hello! Well, first I would like to ask you about the brand new album of Eternal Champion. Ravening Iron is about just to be released. So, what could you tell us about a new record?

Hello to our Serbian fans!  Ravening Iron is a record we made to produce some epic heavy metal with hard songs to hammer away at life to.

Could you compare Ravening Iron with your previuos record The Armor of Ire? Well, first of what we could see is the production. I would say that the prodaction this time is stronger and the sound
fuller sp to say.

I produced mixed and mastered both records and both sounds were completely intentional.  I wanted the first record to be more cult and open with epic reverb and non traditional modern metal production.  The Armor songs were basic song structures with lots of wall of sound.     This time around I felt the songs were much more complex and needed a cleaner heavier production to let everything shine more.

How about the lyrics this time? What are you trying to tell with the lyrics on a new album? Could you say something about the links with some books and novels or movies if there are any?

You can read all about our lyrics in our vocalist Jason Tarpey’s book “The Godblade”.  He wrote all the stories that make this record.

If you could choose one track that could fully stand from the album could you choose one?

I love the song “Cowards Keep” because it is a good representation of all the things we love.  Some of it was inspired by 70’s 3 guitar harmony rock and roll. Some inspired by heavy crossover and creating our own version of epic crossover.  The lyrics are about a warrior who gets captured on purpose to break their chains and take the throne of a Coward.

How about the tour plans for next year? Covid 19 broke everything into pieces but do you have some general plans for the first full tour in Europe in 2021 or in 2022?

We will 100% be playing festivals in 2022 if things get better.  If things do not get better we will play a private show in Texas along side a river.

Could you tell us something about the cover artwork? What would you like to express and who has done it? Well, I would note that it’s a classic Sword and Sorcery style.

Ken Kelly created the cover of Ravening Iron.  He is an absolute legend.  His work includes Kiss Destroyer, Kiss Love Gun, Rainbow Rising, Manowar Fighting The World.  So on and so forth.  It has been a dream of ours to work with him and I am so thankful our dream came true.

I would like to ask you now something about the name of the band Eternal Champion. Of course,  it’s linked with Michael Moorcock, but how and why did you choose it? Moreover, are there any lyrical links with Michael Moorcock as well?

Of course we are huge Moorcock fans and there have been concepts related to his work.

Once again you’re working with No Remorse Records? But, did you have some even bigger so to   say offers from some bigger labels?

We did have bigger offers from giant labels but we wanted to own the record for ourselves and with it the ability to do whatever we wanted.  No Remorse who have been loyal to us since day one gave us everything we wanted so we decided to work with them.  The record speaks for itself we were not impressed by any of the bigger labels offers.  

Answers by Arthrur Rizk

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