DREAD SOVEREIGN Alchemical Warfare

I guess that majority of fans know Irish trio Dread Sovereign as the band that features A. Nemtheanga of Primordial in their ranks (besides vocals, here also playing bass) but I feel that this entity can stand on its two legs aside from lazy Primordial comparison. Truth be told, besides Alan’s vocals there are no similarities whasoever with those gods – both bands are doomy alright but Dread Sovereign are more rooted in that primal classical realm of doom beginnings. On their third full legth (and the first one for Metal Blade) aside from standard Sabbathisms and epic doom idioms that permeate this band from the beginning there are some new tricks to be found just to keep things interesting. The band has added more grit and rock’n’roll dirt which has further enhanced apocalyptic feeling which goes oh so well with the climate of today. Alan himself has mentioned Venom and Motorhead and those are great comparisons as Alchemical Warfare features tons of rumbling bass filth found in both legends, maybe even some archaic Hellhammer in places. There are even some spacey elements that can harken to Hawkwind Lemmy days or At War with Satan gone all doom and gloom. Dunno, I am making a lot of comparisons here but I guess that the bottom line is that Alchemical Warfare is raw, natural and doomed – just like the album of this ilk should be. Maybe they can lose me in times when they start to wander off a bit, like I have mention, but fortunately they get back on track with riffs aplenty soon enough. All the instruments are placed just great and listening to this album will make you feel like you are in their stinky agarage listening to the guys blasting away in sweat and alcohol fueled minds. The album is closed with Bathory’s You don’t move me (I don’t give a fuck) cover which puts the final say in loose attitude of Alchemical Warfare and the things about playing from the gut I have already mentioned. For the beginning of the year, Alchemical Warfare is fitting soundtrack for uncertain times we’re in and it is good to see that Dread Sovereign is still searching their ways and finding place on the doom metal scene.

Metal Blade Records CD
Trifunovic Slobodan (7)

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