BLIND GUARDIAN Imaginations From The Other Side (25th anniversary edition)

Well, its strange to write a review for the record for which I’ve written down inlay story which one could find in the booklet, but anyway we will speak here more about the music of the band and their live performance in Oberhausen which was indeed great. I was this particular concert but not in Oberhausen instead of that I was in Geiselwind and it was most perfect evening I have to admit.

Anyway, we will speak here about regular CD edition which has 9 regular Imaginations tracks. The live sound and performance is indeed interesting and the songs sound even darker somehow live. From the opening track to the last tune Hansi, Andre and co. have done a perfect just I have to admit. Each song is a tale for itself and I have really enjoy in each and every single track. The production and the sound are quit nice and the package is also remarkable (with the story inside) that one must read 🙂 Actually, this will not become a legendary live record, but its indeed to have it as a sort of remembrance of that particular evening and its indeed great if one would like to revisit these songs in some other vibes and forms.

There not so much to tell about this live record since its a sort of a must for each Blind Guardian fan and that the record gives a sort of a new dimension of the sound and experience. If you love already this album you will continue to love it even more and this live record will be something very unique and cool for each lover of Guardian’s tunes.

Marko Miranovic (-)

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