THERION Leviathan (Nuclear Blast)

Definitely the returning album from Therion, placed somewhere in between 2000-2006. There’s not anything really brand new or fresh what a new material brings but its more a re-visiting of the older, or to be more precise the middle phase of the band. Still I consider their ancient phase everything until ”Theli” which I consider to be their strongest effort without any doubt. Leviathan has many of those elements from Secrets of the Runes or Lemuria, even Deggial in a way. Gothic Kabbalah could be also a quite good reference here. All these aforementioned album are somehow better than a new one, but yet Leviathan is not band work at all!

Anyhow, Leviathan brings some new and interesting details and some really interesting songs. One thing is for sure it much better than for example Sitra Ahra was. But, anyway we are lacy that the band has return to their previous path and that they’re already planning to have some shows and tour in upcoming months. Leviathan is not Vovin or Theli or even Lemuria, but still there’s much to offer and the quality of the music is more than obvious. I guess that everyone has already voted for Tuonela but there are few tracks that really got my attention without any doubt. And the atmosphere of the entire record is quite marvelous. There’s nothing wrong about it.

So, the music has quite a huge dose of heavy metal classical and traditionally elements, but there are choirs as well and classical elements as well. I have few favorites on the record but the entire record is quite cool, perhaps not the highlight of their rich career but it could be count as successful record. Somehow it reflects what is Therion all about in 2021. That’s stand also for the cover artwork which is modern version of Leppaca Kippoth if you ask me. One thing’s for sure is very remarkable and eye-catchy, perhaps too catchy for my old- school taste, but what can we do at the end of the day, maybe I am too old.

All in all, Therion has succeeded to deliver something that most of the fans will dig and have at least some fun listening. Yes, its not their best effort, but at least they have return to their ”roots” and one thing’s for sure there’s quality in their tunes. You will be also able to read the interview with Thomas concering their latest material on MS pages.

Marko Miranovic (8)

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