TRIBULATION Where Gloom Becomes a Sound (Century Media)

Well, I think that we have a record of the year already. The year has just begun but we have already something that could become one of the best efforts in 2021 if not the best one. Enchanted vibes once again have come from these guys from Sweden.

Where the band has stopped with their previous record now they’ve continue. Its a natural step and it seems that Tribulation have found their style and sound since their remarkable Children of the Night record. You will need some time to enter in the realms of a brand new record but when you enter you will be really amazed and captured in the labyrinth of haunted vibes and dark, yet romantic tunes. If I say that Tribulation now stands somewhere in between Iron Maiden and The Cure and obvious black, gothic and death metal influences it will be quite correct.

From the very opening tune to the last one everything’s’ sounds quite perfect. In Remembrance is such a great and cool song to open one album and a closing one The Wilderness is also a perfect tune to close it. I think that the band is now on the highest pick of their career although Where Gloom Becomes a Sound perhaps is not their best material, but anyway its marvelous.

I’ve already seen Tribulation so many times on stage but I would love also to hear new stuff still it seems that it has such a potential for live setting. Anyway, we are looking for the band in 2021 and in meantime you could read the latest interview about their brand new offering on our pages.

Marko Miranovic (10)

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