EMBRACE OF SOULS The Number of Destiny (Elevate Records)

EMBRACE OF SOULS is a brand new band where a new lead singer of Rhapsody of Fire sings and the music is not so far from ROF but its again different, less bombastic and epic so to say, more heavy, but still songs sound quite bombastic and furious and epic. If you could imagine all Italian bands at one place that could explain quite good the style and sound of EOS. I guess that the lyrics are about various topics and themes from love to fantasy if you will.

Some songs are really sounding gorgeous with such a heavy riffing and with a few background keyboards (and ballads like In The Castle sound quite cool). Here and there keyboards could take a main role and become a leading instrument, but yet, more or less, everything is based upon strong guitars. Its very hard to compare EOS with any particular band from Italy its more that they sound as a sort of compilation of all the bands from ROF to Labyrinth and yet there are many quest vocalist on the album from various Italian popular and well-established bands. So, if you ask me how EOS sounds, the answer will be: pure Italian. But, anyway, what was the best and quite a surprise is a song Prison where Morby from Domine has done all the leading vocal parts and the songs is brutal, mark my words! One of the best songs that I’ve heard during last years or even more. How I miss mighty Domine!

Anyhow, to turn once again into album, the songs are developing from some faster ones to ballads like In the Castle, but that’s perfectly suits the vocals of the ROF vocalist. Even his accent goes well with the music. Well, we will see how people will reacted to this record, but there’s a potential here. I could image these guys as a perfect prelude to Rhapsody of Fire concerts. So, if you like Italian heavy metal scene you will love EOS there’s no questions about it. As a matter of fact the album is not bad at all. If you are reading this review give them a chance and of course in a couple of days you will be able to read interview with these guys where they will speak about their debut issue.

Marko Miranovic (8)

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