It was more than 10 years of this band’s existance, and my journey with them.
Though the past year was not very bright for new metal releases, this indeed breaths
some fresh air to power metal scene.

Belgium power metal band FireForce is, and always was, sort of a band that reminds me of bands
such as Iron Savior, StormWarrior, Mystic Prophecy, Jag Panzer, but with certain linings
of uniqueness. Not as much though, but enough to be recognizable, at least for me.

Their new album, fourth by the count, called Rage Of War, has some tricks in the sleeve, but
just as a cherrie on top of already known FireForce sound.
First thing I’ve notice was very cool album cover artwork, with the trooper soldier firing
from the minigun, and blasting their enemies, accompanied with few more comrades in the back.
As I pointed out earlier, band reminds me of bands like Jag Panzer, and in the case of this album’s
cover, it has a feel of the very first Jag Panzer record called Ample Destruction.
Naturally, in the same manner as album artwork, album title and as well as titles of the songs,
it gives victorious feel to it, as well as some proto-historical liberation story vibe.

And now about the meat of the album. As first song starts to play, self titled as the album,
it goes straight to the point with guitar riffs and drums, very driving and punchy. Along
starts the familiar vocals, and song starts to gallops through and through. Really strong opener.
As songs continue to flow one by one, we can hear the same kind of structure as the very
first song – gallops, catchy riffs and melodies, with good vocals describing the thematic
of the album, which is pretty much a story of victory.
There are some pretty good usage of backing vocals that are mostly high pitch singing/screams.
It adds a flavor pretty much to the songs, since the vocals of the bands are pretty good but
not too invasive or pushing into face, which are not a bad thing with this band.
Chorus and catchiness of the songs are mostly the zenith of the songs strenght, because with
this album songs you can sing through most of the songs very easily, and it’s a big plus.
There are some songs later that adds some more non ordinary life to the album, some specific
leaks and guitar leads, but not too much.
That part could maybe be a little bit let down of the album, since what you get with this album
is great experience, but to perfect one, and the one that you know what you get from the first
song to the last, same stuff but great nontheless.

Some would say that is how this is the point of this band and their existance on the metal scene,
with great but yet to be perfected albums.
This release gives some freshness to this year and pretty much coziness of this kind of more-less
underground power metal bands. At the end of the day, this album as new as it is, has much to give
to those who wanted some new power metal albums of this caliber, such as for myself, but it doesn’t
give anything mindblowing, but it is as expected judging by foreshadowing of all the FireForce albums
so far.

Nikola Obradovic (8)

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