SERVENTS TO THE TIDE A Wayward Son’s Return

First of all we would like to welcome you on Metal Sound pages! Please, could you tell us something more about Servants To The Tide since this is the first time that we have a chance to have an interview with you on Metal Sound pages pages? 

Thank you very much!
SERVANTS TO THE TIDE is a project that I founded back in the Winter of 2018 with the goal of creating the kind of music that I always urged to create – melodic, melancholic, epic, dramatic, doomy Metal with clear, soaring vocals. We are inspired by bands like CANDLEMASS, ATLANTEAN KODEX, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT or SOLSTICE, but eager to bring our own flavour of Epic Doom Metal to the table.

Servants To The Tide has just issued a brand new offering, your debut album, so please could you for the beginning tell us something more about upcoming issue?

The album is our self-titled debut and will be released on March 26th by No Remorse Records. It was recorded at various places between 2018 and 2020 and mixed and mastered in the infamous Rosenquarz Studio in Lübeck, Germany. It will feature six songs, with the shortest being under two minutes and the longest almost nine minutes long. I recorded most of the instruments (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards) myself, drums and vocals were handled by Lucas and Stephan, and a few guests took special roles on the album.

There are many bandmembers that are involved in the band from more prominent and popular bands so please tell us somethign about them if you could?

Stephan (our vocalist) sings for the German Power Metal outfit SCREAMING SOULS. We met when my old band CRAVING played a show with them. They soundchecked with SAVATAGE songs and I was completely blown away. We stayed in contact since then, and I’m very happy to work with him now, as he provides the perfect voice for SERVANTS TO THE TIDE and is also a really cool guy to be around with.
Lucas (our drummer) plays, as pretty much every capable drummer, in more bands than I could count. I met him in my Melodeath band CATALYST, where he used to play. When I was looking for a drummer to perform the SERVANTS TO THE TIDE album, he offered to try it out and, despite being more of a modern player, delivered a marvellous job on it!
We also have three guest appearances on the album: Paul (GORGON, FROSTTIDE) and Luc (MINDPATROL) are good friends of mine and have been so for years. Paul did the spoken word ending for „On Marsh And Bones (The Face Of Black Palmyra“). The other two perform on the last song „A Servant To The Tide“: I wanted this song to have guttural vocals, and I wanted them to sound more refined and modern rather than „old school“, so I asked Luc and he delivered a great performance.
The song ends with a Piano outro that I initially recorded myself, but it felt a bit lacklustre as it was. Jeff Black (GATEKEEPER) was kind enough to offer me to rerecord it in his interpretation, and his performance completely blew me away. I’m very happy and honoured to have him on the album!

How would you like to present your debut album from your own point of view?

It is a very melodic, personal attempt at Epic Doom Metal, both drawing from the obvious influences and trying to create something unique at the same time. It has an old school approach without sounding like a mere retrospective – a bow to the past as well as a nod into the future. I think anyone who loves Old School Heavy/Doom/Epic Metal should at least give it a spin.

In fact you have signed a deal with No Remorse Records to please tell us something coniring this particular deal?

I would have released the album myself, but I was hoping to give it a bigger stage, and I wanted a shot at working with the labels that I usually adore and look up to. I sent a few inquiries, less than half a dozen, and got quite positive responses. When Chris offered me to work with No Remorse, I could not refuse that, and it has been great so far!

How about your influences? What sort of influences do you store in your particular style especially when it comes to speed and traditional heavy metal bands? 

I listen to a lot of music – mainly Metal, of course, and mainly Old School stuff, though there are many modern bands that I love. The first Metal album that I actively listened to was BLIND GUARDIANs „Nightfall in Middle-Earth“, which shaped my taste of music probably more than anything else – anything I listen to will have to fare against the musicality, the epicness and the grandeur of this record. I dived deeper into Doom Metal as a teen, especially with CANDLEMASS and SOLITUDE AETURNUS, and then found the three bands that, to me, are the absolute peak in this style: ATLANTEAN KODEX, SOLSTICE and WHILE HEAVEN WEPT. Been a fanboy ever since. I also feel deeply influenced but John Arch-Era FATES WARNING (though Stephan will probably open the argument that nothing beats the Ray Alder-albums, haha).
Doom Metal aside, I love the classics – IRON MAIDEN, ACCEPT, JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH, SAVATAGE, DIO, SAXON, WARLORD, VIRGIN STEELE etc., as well as more modern bands like ENFORCER, GRAND MAGUS, VISIGOTH, ETERNAL CHAMPION, also lots of Thrash and Power Metal, some Death Metal like BOLT THROWER or ASPHYX… this list would go on forever, so I stop it here. For now.

And for the end of the interview tell us what are your future plans, do you plan any shows to have here and there?

First, I am looking forward how the scene will perceive and accept our debut album. I am very confident in the Material, but there is still a certain anticipation as we head closer towards the release date. I also started to work on material for the sophomore album and hope to make good progress with it.
As we cannot play shows now because of the raging pandemic, we also do not see a reason to put together a
live line up, rehearse or book shows. That doesn’t mean that we don’t want to do it, though! As soon as the situation is settled, we will complete the line-up for live purposes and put together a worthy live show – look out!

Interview by Marko Miranovic

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