PERSUADER Necromancy (Frontiers Records)

The Fiction Maze was one of the best power metal records ever and still I have this opinion. The same goes for Persuader as well, the band that have hailed directly inspired from 90s power metal scene (of course first band that will always come to our minds is Blind Guardian, but I think that’s only one huge plus since the band has created though time their own sound and style, beyond masters). Persuader are among my top 5 power/heavy metal bands. And, finally, after so long time of waiting we are able to enjoy in the next huge material from these Swedes.

If we deeply observe their latest issue Necromancy we will surly find that this is a natural step after their 4th full-length The Fiction Maze. Musically speaking it sounds like musical sequel to their previous offering. When we take a look at a new album it sounds very unique and altogether very serious written and composed, piece by piece, step by step so the final product is indeed marvelous and enchanted.

Every aspect of album is a tale of its self from singing to guitar riffing or drumming (and a very unique production as well). Anyway, when it comes to particularly guitar-parts they are crossing somewhere between melodic heavy themes to some more thrash elements which are giving, from time to time, some more aggression to the record, which is not bad at all. People usually compare Persuader with Blind Guardian but I think that the band has found its own style and vibe, especially with their last two records. Of course, its indeed hard to stay original these days. The vocals are also very interesting since there are some, here and there, growls, which are adding some more edge and heaviness so to say to the songs and the entire atmosphere. Yes, indeed their latest offering sounds perhaps even darken than ever before, but anyway persuader was already well-known by their darker vibes.

I found one very interesting thing: as we are approaching towards the end of the album the songs become better and better, so, from my humble point of view, the last two tracks Gateways and the closing title Infernal Fires are the best ones. Of course, the entire album sounds quite cool, there’s no questions about that, Necromancy is perfect in its form and idea!

Marko Miranovic (9)

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