TRIBULATION In Remembrance

As a matter of fact Tribulation are one of the best bands that i found during the last decade alongside with Persuader. Well, both bands are coming from Sweden, Anyway, Tribulation has just issued after 3 years their latest offering entitled Where the Gloom Become a Sound, quite a great record I have to say. In fact, a new offering is a sequel to their previous material so there was not a chance for a miss. I took some time and done one more chat than interview with their guitarist and song-writer Jonathan.

Let’s talk about the brand new record of Tribulation,
actually, of what I have heard today because they have delivered me digital promotion
today, you know, with these two or three songs before the sound of the album actually
sounds more or less like two previous records in one way or another. So please, could
you tell me a little about that? So actually, in one way or another you wanted to
continue what you have started, some, like five years ago or something like that?

Yeah, absolutely. We never said that. Let’s do something similar. And that’s something
we’ve never said, we’ve never said let’s do, let’s do this, or let’s do this. We’ve just
really done whatever we felt like doing.

Well, what am I trying to actually talk about and explained it, finally, you should have
shaved the sound in one way or another when it comes to Tribulation? If you agree with me,
about that

Yeah. But I was going to explain why. And the reason is, I think at least, that the music
has always reflected where we are in life. You know, when we, when we did the first album,
we were teenagers, and we, our own existence really revolved around metal in general, and
extreme metal. More specifically, and I think that’s why it ended up sounding like it did.
And then when we did the next album, we had, you know, different experiences. Some new
influences, I guess, as well. And that ended up sounding different. And since the third
album, like you said, it’s been sounding more like, more similar to each other, the album’s
and that’s probably just because we, we were a bit more grown up, I guess. So you could
say that we found a sound. But I would also say that could change in the future.

Don’t get me wrong when it comes to new record. I really like it. So you know, it’s
perfect when he comes to me. So, but this is completely out of question in that moment,
but when we have already mentioned the first album when it comes to Tribulation, I, you
know, I really like it, from this point of view, but if I’m not wrong, and I have been on
your, five, six shows so far, you’ve never tried to play any songs from that particular
album, although they are very short ones.

Yeah, that’s true.

And the album actually is really great. Don’t get me wrong. You know, I liked in new
records, but even the first record was showing the, in one way or another the potential

I don’t think we, we might have played one or two songs. We have played one or two songs
we played Beyond The Horror and The Vampyre. But that’s probably it I think. So we’ve
done it occasionally. But it was a long time ago now, I guess. And I guess the reason for
it is, well, there are many reasons but one of them is that especially when we’ve been
opening for other bands, we don’t really have time to play that many songs. And for us,
it’s felt more important to, to focus on, on the more recent stuff we made in those, on
those occasions. But when we’ve had longer set lists, I think it’s because the difference
in between the sounds is so great that it’s almost been, would almost have been a bit
weird to do it. There’s no, it wouldn’t have been streamlined, I guess. That’s probably
the reason.

Yeah. For example, on the latest DVD live session, more or less, I mean not more or less,
but all the songs were from the last two, previous two records. So, yeah, it’s like,
well, let’s focus on the brand new record more, you know, well, what did you try actually
to express this time with the cover artwork, let’s say for start with it, because it’s
comparing to previous, it’s more monumental. So say with this statue, and everything?

Yeah, we wanted to try something new. We’ve always been drawing, and painting it ourselves
in the past. So we wanted to try something else. So this is a print of a photography from
from the late 19th century. And the reason why we chose it is just because we felt like
it was passing the the same atmosphere and the same feeling that we wanted to express
with the music. So that’s, that’s really the most honest and the most simple answer, I
guess. And it’s, you know, it also fits quite well, because it’s apparently simple. And
some of the lyrical content or are about the mix from that Mediterranean area. So, but
that’s stretching it, I would say. It’s a lot more to do with the way it looks and just
felt right.

What do you try actually to explain with the lyrics and express this time? You know,
because there are so far I have only the titles of the songs if you get what I mean,
but they’re actually sounding quite interesting like In Remembrance, Hour of the Wolf,
Leviathans, etc, Lethe, Funeral Pyre as well. There is a video clip. So what did you try
to express? Is there any difference comparing to, perhaps, to previous records?

The different isn’t big, I would say. It’s still the same idea. The idea behind the music,
apart from being metal bound, we’ve always tried to express something. And that something
is, you know, we’ve called it darkness in the past. On this album, we even say it in the
title, Where the Gloom Becomes Sound.

Yeah, please, could you tell me something about that as well?

Yeah. And you know, this, that’s really what we’ve been trying to express with the music
ever since. And because it’s such a vague and in ways, other worldly feeling. We, we’ve
always just found it more reasonable to have the language of the lyrics be in a more
mythical kind of way. So, so that’s really the reason why we write the things we do. And
yeah, the title, we take it from a German band called Sopor Aeternus, and the
Ensemble of Shadows. And that’s a band that I’ve listened to for, for a long time,
and that line just stuck with me. And a few years ago, I guess I brought it up with the
band. And we thought about naming down below to this title, but it didn’t feel quite right.
And it felt perfectly ok. If a perfect on this one. Yeah. So it fits, in our opinion to do
the music on the album, but it also expresses the intention or one intention, at least,
that we’ve had with the band ever since the first album.

Okay. Well, when it comes to, you know, this is very hard question this moment, we have
already planned to see some shows of Tribulation. The closest city to me is Budapest,
nevertheless, but the tour is probably canceled. Yeah, I guess so. So do you have any
idea when you could have a tour? That you have planned actually for.

Well, we have, we have one booked. And that’s in September and October.

So this is more or less the similar tour that should take place in February, if I am

Yeah, it’s more or less the exactly the same. And we don’t know if it’s gonna happen.
We still hope for it. But we don’t know. And I guess no one really knows. So I guess we
just have to wait. Wait and see.

Well, since I, actually, I’m following the band since like five years, six years. And to
be honest, Tribulation is the best discovery that I found for myself during the last 10
years. But now, actually, how do you feel since the first record? I still remember when I
got first CD, it was like 12 years ago. And now that there is a lot of attention when it
comes to you, you are on the cover pages? If I’m correct. So how do you feel now, after
so many years, when you have become popular, so to say?

I think I would have felt that more 10 years ago, to be honest. It’s great to see and
it’s great that it’s happening. But I guess we always had the intention of going somewhere.
Maybe we expected it sooner or something. I don’t know. I’m glad that it’s happening.
Again, I would have been overjoyed 10 years ago, and now it’s more… Well, it’s good
that it’s happening. That’s it, I guess.

But well, on the other hand, do you feel you know, any pressure, more pressure when
you’re writing now material and the songs for the band? Because there are lots of people
who are listening to it, or there are many, or you know, was it easier before, if you get
what I mean?

Sometimes I feel the pressure. Absolutely. Especially when we’re on tour, when meeting
people, or if I happen to read like a review and so on. But when we’re actually getting
into the songwriting mode, I guess, when we have to do it, we kind of get into some kind
of a bubble and kind of forget about it. So it’s, I have to look at the pressure sometimes,
because people have, sometimes they have a lot of expectations and wishes for where it
should go, and so on.

Perhaps is the best when we don’t have any wishes, and expectations?

Kind of, kind of, because, they kind of go away when we’re actually writing the songs,
because then it doesn’t feel like we’re writing it for someone. It’s just the same people
more or less that we were when we were teenagers and just sitting in the rehearsal room.
And just writing songs because we wanted to write songs. Kind of the same feeling.

But the question of still, you know, still stays when it comes to brand new record, I
always considered, I didn’t know why, but Tribulation, as a sort of the band, which is
linked with The Cure music, especially when it comes to new records. It’s not only about
that you have covered The Cure really great, but if you ask me, you’re sounding like a
black/death version of The Cure, in one way or another. So please, could you tell me your
opinion about that? Especially when it comes to these last three records.

Of course. Yeah, I will take it as a compliment. I mean, The Cure is, in no way, one of
my favorite bands, but I like The Cure. And, and I don’t have a problem with that, at all.

But somehow you have, do it pretty right, try to escape the cheesiness of metal in one way.
But on the other hand, you have received a lot of respect, and that’s quite true.

Yeah, and you know, we are just doing what we feel like doing. And I think everything we
do reflects who we are. I mean, I’m very much interested in some fantasy literature, and
in probably some of the same things that those pagan bands would be interested in, but
I’m just not interested in expressing it in the same way, I guess.

Not the new record, I think… No, no, nothing on the new record, actually.

And the final question, I really don’t want to bother you any more. I really looking
forward to see the band live. I have to say that Tribulation is one of the bands that I
have many times seen live – five, six, maybe seven times. What has happened with The
Wacken last time?

That was anticlimactic for us. We wanted to do a big show. So instead of flying, we took
a van and a train I think. So that we could get all the stuff we wanted. And that’s a
long ride. And, like minutes we got there, there was this thunderstorm. That just changed
the whole schedule. And then we, we could have played at the same time as Slayer played
on like a beer garden. And so instead we said that we would rather come back and do a
proper show.

Well, that’s it, you know, I have received a new record. Well, thanks so much for your
time, efforts, and, well, thanks so much for the great music as well. So I really hope
from the deepest of my heart that I will see you during this year, at least in September.

Yeah, I hope so too. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Interview by Marko Miranovic

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