ABLAZE MY SORROW Among Ashes and Monoliths (Black Lion Records)

I still recall AMS from their debut album If Emotions Still Burn but it was long time ago, and they have returned once more. Of course, we are speaking here about a band that performs a pure melodic Swedish death metal since their very beginnings. They were very active from 1996-2002 but yet there was a huger pause so to say.

After five years of silence Among Ashes and Monoliths brings a dose of melodic and hard metal riffing, with some standard and classical Swedish references. The album sounds quite complete from the very start to the end. It has some interesting details aside of classic death metal vocals, some guest vocals so to say here and there which make songs even more interesting but all in all its a nice piece of work if you like some more melodic but still heavy stuff.

Not all the songs are faster, I even love more when the songs are slower so say, with slower riffing and with some remarkable female vocals, since it seems that it brings more edge to the record. One of the best example for this is a song Her Cold Embrace with such a great and haunted melodies and enchanted atmosphere, but moreover I like when the band turns in the next song At the Grave of Giants to be more aggressive. This combination really works when it comes to AMS.

No doubt, I am indeed happy that the band has made their return and you will be able of course to read the interview on our pages as well. I think that this particular year will belong to bands from Sweden, I mean there are so many promising and well-done records already.

Marko Miranovic (8)

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