NUMENOR Draconian Age (Elevate Records)

My personal connection to epic fantasy, with an accent on Tolkien works is, and always
was the biggest passion of my life. And it’s obvious to say that it has a lot to do with metal music, primarily power metal, and secondary with black metal. Numenor, aside from it’s self explanatory name, that has a lot to do with Tolkien world,
and those metal genres.

From their earliest works, the very first album (and my personal favorit) named Colossal Darkness, really got me on a first listen to get into this band and this type of epic black/power
metal vibe. Naturally, as my favourite all time band was, is, and will always be, almighty Blind Guardian, I have also experiance not only with Tolkien connections to music, but also Moorcock and his legendary Eternal Champion, with which Numenor has a lot to do, too.

The album itself is of course epic thematically related, with both focus on Tolkien, Moorcock, some
Dungeons and Dragons related stuff, and so on.

Album starts very punchly and on point. The very first song, aside from the power metal Numenor
feel of course, has it’s most strenght to it’s featuring vocals, metal legend and my personal all time
music and life idol, Hansi Kürsch. He is singing most of the chorus, and Marko Despot Miranovic, the
main founder of the band, sings harsh vocal verses. It really suits perfectly this song, that I personally
think it’s a hit of a song, and will (should) be for a very long time.
Later on we discover some very interesting song variations and arrangement. What we can see in the
later songs are pretty much kinda same feel as the first song – very driving, punchy, galloping, catchy,
but also has a dark, black metal lining to it, that really merges well as the songs goes ‘on and on!’.
Songs like Make the Stand and Feanor, really gives the feel that empowers you to go to battle and fight for glory!
Later on we hear that the second part of an album has more dark mood to it, which is to me personally
a vibe that Eternal Champion (the book and the song) gives to me. Really on point with the songs and
their storytelling.
For the vocal part, I must pay respect to the superb blend of clean and harsh vocals, and their sinergy and harmony.
Switching from clean to harsh, but also having only clean or only harsh vocals, depending on the song, gives great
variety to the album.
Cover artwork was initially found on the Serbian edition of the very first Lord of the Rings book, and now
it beautifies this new Numenor album.

It would be needless to say that I’m really enjoying this band’s music.
On the other hand, that’s the same reason I am pretty much hard on criticism to this band.
But nevertheless, this album really blew my mind with it’s on point vocals, instrumental parts and storytelling, such
as never seen before by no other Serbian bands, at least by my knowledge.
I would recommend this album to every metalhead.

“Make the Staaaand!” – Numenor

Nikola Obradovic (10)

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