ABLAZE MY SORROW At the Graves of Giants

Hello! Among Ashes and Monoliths is already out for some time, and the first reviews and interviews are coming, so how about your first impressions?

Yeah, it’s finally released. It seems like people really do enjoy the album if you look at the reviews we’ve had which feels really good. I’ve been quite busy the last couple of weeks answering interviews and I guess this will continue for a while now when the album is released.

How do you feel to have a brand new record out after almost 5 years? I guess it could be indeed awesome to read the reviews, observing the response from both fans and media, following comments and impression since the band is now indeed popular so to say…
Yes, as mentioned before it’s been a pleasure reading the reviews concerning “Among Ashes and Monoliths”. The fact that the album finally is out feels really good since the songs have been written a couple of years ago just waiting to be recorded. When Kristian left the band we had to spend some time looking for a new singer that would fit Ablaze My Sorrow. Luckily we found Jonas and could enter the studio and record the album.

Let’s speak about a new offering Among Ashes and Monoliths: how would you like to describe a brand new record?
We do what we’ve always done but with minor changes so that we don’t repeat ourselves. We haven’t really added anything that we haven’t done before but made some things more obvious and other things just better. It’s still Swedish melodic death metal in the typical 90’s west coast style.

If I observe a brand new offering it sounds as a reflection of your older works from 90s, but more in a modern way so to say? Could you make a comment concerning it?
Well, that’s a good reflection. This is exactly what we are trying to do. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel but rather make it spin a bit faster and with less friction.

Who has done the cover artwork for the new album and what did you want to express by it? Its digital and I have to say that I always adore more your older artwork some of them were real masterpieces.
It’s a guy called Haraoui Mustapha who lives in Algeria. We contacted him since we’d seen some of his work and that we really liked. The cover is a reflection to the lyrics for the title track “Among Ashes and Monoliths”. It was very easy to work with him and he understood what we were looking for. Paintings do look good when they are well done, as do digital artwork.

How about the lyrics this time? What could you tell us about the lyrical side of the album?
The lyrics are all written by our singer Jonas Udd so it’s quite hard for me to go into this too much. They deal with thoughts of life, death, personal struggles, the demise of mankind and other uplifting themes though.

It seems that you have perfectly balanced faster song with some more slower ones, and moreover there are some guest vocals here and there, so what could you tell us about this side of the album?
We tried to make a varied and well balanced album with faster, slower and heavier songs mixed altogether. It can be a good idea to have a heavier song after a fast one to let people get a chance to catch their breath before we once again slam their heads into the wall. Yes, we had two guest vocalists helping us out on the album. Jonna Enckell (ex-The Project Hate MCMXCIX) gave us some beautifully haunting vocals on “Her Cold Embrace”. On the cd bonus track “Frihet Framför Feghet” Ulf Blomberg (Grace.Will.Fall) screams his guts out together with Jonas. Ulf is also guy who runs HoboRec where we recorded Jonas vocals, mixed the album and finally also mastered the whole thing.

Could you return just for a while are recall some memories from your debut album If Emotion Still Burn? It has such a remarkable cover artwork i have to admit. Morover, could you recall some memories from the first part of the band’s career?
Absolutely, Kristian “Necrolord” Wåhlin did amazing job as he tends to do with most of his paintings. He actually created our logo at the same time to make sure it would fit the cover of our first album. We had an amazing time in the studio recording “If Emotions Still Burn”. It was the summer of 1995 and we were all teenagers.I would like to thank you for the interview and I wish you all the best until next time.

I hope to see you finally somewhere live at least during next year! 
Thank you! We are really looking forward to once again be able to play live shows, see you then.

Interview by Marko Miranovic

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