PALADINE Entering the Abyss

After 4 years if I am correct Greek power metal band Paladine has returned once more to rock the very foundation of earth. I have to say that I follow the band since their very beginnings and their debut record was one very promising act when it was released back than in 2017, but, yet when it comes to their second full-length the things are slightly different.

Its not that they have changed any style during like 3 or 4 years, but a brand new record Entering the Abyss sounds more mature I would say. Of course, this is only my point of view, but when I’ve checked their new offering several times I’ve found that they have a lot to offer. Somehow the entire record sound more full since each song has its own role to play. So, when one is listening to a record its like you are starting from the beginning to the end where every and each song or detail has its own right place. Anyway, everything sounds very bombastic and epic, and this is the best term I guess when it comes to describing the style and music of Paladine.

In their style one could track various most prominent power and heavy metal acts such as Helloween, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray and so on from their glorious fantasy power metal era. So, yes, indeed their style is a mixture of various power metal bands from 90s. If you could found yourself in these aforementioned acts you could also take chance and check out a brand new record from Paladine as well.

Of course, they have their own trademark as well, and I think that this is Greek point of music if you get what I mean. So, they are not just coping these bands but they also tried to create something more original, in their own. Not all the songs are faster ones, actually their style is not speed metal at all, but I also like some songs with slower moments, yet with still bombastic touch. Anyway, if you are into fantasy metal you will love this one and yes, the cover artwork looks very much like DND.

Marko Miranovic (8)

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