STELLAR TOMB Shadowtheater

As observing the southern Serbia metal scene for a very long time, I could see that there
were a lot of rises and falls on the same scene. Mostly, in the city of Nis, were bands
that are influenced by the most iconic bands, such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Slayer,
Pantera, and so on.

Aside from not being classical heavy/thrash/core metal band, Stellar Tomb brings so much
to the table as a refreshing sound of progressive and melodic mixture of death and black

Before this new demo/debut song released, I listened this band live on few various live
performances, and I must say I’m very intrigued with this band’s charm and their musical
way. In addition to this, speaking of the new and the very first studio release of the
band, what I can say on a first sight it’s the sound that resembles to bands such as
Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum, Wolfheart, Draconian, In Mourning, and so on.

As listening to this song, named Shadowtheater, first thing I’ve noticed is that the song
starts direct with the instrumental parts.
The song has a dark and very melancholic mood to it, specifically seen in the guitar works,
which I really admire because the atmosphere to this song doesn’t lack at all, through and
The vocals are very deep growl, that are greatly lined with the song’s charisma.
As the song goes by, we see that this melodic death/black metal sounding with the lyrical
theme that is mostly oriented to dark thoughts and raw melancholic feelings, as much as I
could get, are really something that you can listen to while chilling on your own and having
gloomy thoughts, but also listen it live and have a blast with very heavy hitting bass and

I can say that this song is great with their arrangement, but I also must say that it perhaps
lacks the ups and downs of the song flow, for what we can always debate is it good or bad
since it’s a subjective matter. The song is long, but in regard to have a progressive tone
to it, it can also be either good or bad, depending on the taste.

So far, I must say that I’m really happy that this band released this brand new debut song,
and I hope for more people to hear them in the future. Especially I’m proud of the quality
that such band brings to the table, from this southern Serbia area.

“Still I am a puppet, never a master!” – Stellar Tomb

Nikola Obradovic (9)

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