Now I am writing about my fellow mates from the same label and I have to say that I am really proud to be on the same label as Embrace of Souls. The band is a new one and a new singer of Rhapsody of Fire is the leading vocalist in the band but moreover there are also many guest musicians in the band as well from various power or heavy metal bands from Italy.

Hello Embrace of Souls and welcome to Metal Sound pages! Please, could you tell us something more about your upcoming CD that is scheduled to be published at 19th February 2021 for Elevate Records? Could you present your forthcoming CD from your point of view?

Hello everybody. When I thought about this record I always told myself that it had to leave its mark, it had to be particular so I invented this story like in a movie. This record practically talks about an eternal and immense love between two people who, even after death, have sought each other for 200 years up to our times, are embodied in two people and through recurring signs, numbers and dreams they will find each other again. new together.

Since this is the very first time that we have a chance to present Embrace of Souls on our pages could you tell us few things about the band so that we could learn more about the band?

This band was born precisely to try to create an album that was very good musically but which was also very listenable for the public. I tried to bring together with me, in addition to a great line up with an amazing singer like Giacomo Voli, a small army of professional artists much loved and well known in the Italian and international metal scene. The beauty of my project and its strength in my opinion is just letting the personality of each artist blend perfectly with the music I wrote, and from what I am seeing it seems that I succeeded and I am really happy.

As a matter of fact ”The Number of Destiny” is the title for your forthcoming CD. So, please tell us more about the songs on the particular record? Do you have any personal favorites that could represent the album?

Surely one of my favorites and that inspired me to write this whole story is “in the castle” this piece talks and tells the dream of the girl who finds herself in this castle, hears a melody that takes his heart and begins to try to understanding where he comes from by opening the many doors of that structure, he finally arrives in a hall where he finds a person from behind playing the piano. She sits down next to him and begins to admire him while she plays that heavenly music, but this person has no face and when it all seems so real the girl suddenly wakes up. But she stays with her heart in her throat and she can’t forget that special melody. This is my favorite piece of the whole record.

What did you want to express by the cover artwork for a brand new record ”The Number of Destiny”?

As you can see on the cover there are two fiery silhouettes of a man and a woman, the fire stands for the souls in love that burn inside these two people and if you look closely the girl holds out her hand to caress the boy’s face .

Which bands would you like to name as a reference to Embrace of Souls? Because of the lead singer people would get some lines and references with Rhapsody of Fire.

I could tell you “Destiny” by Stratovarius in certain songs, I do not hide that I was very influenced by all these bands from Stratovarius to Sonata Arctica. Obviously also Rhapsody of Fire, which is natural since Giacomo is their singer, etc … but I tried to keep an identity that makes embrace of souls something unique and that strikes you from the first listening.

Your debut album has so many guest musicians that one cannot even count especially from your local Italian scene. Could you tell us little more about these guest musicians, there are some really legendary names…

The names are so many and all great musicians, let’s say that working with artists I followed as a kid and who put me on the path of power metal to say satisfaction is still little. Legends with Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) and Morby (Domine) I never thought I’d work for my project with similar artists, I really got along well with everyone, extraordinary people from the first to the last who made this record even more beautiful and unique .

What’s your goal with Embrace of Souls music and your debut albumThe Number of Destiny ? What would you like and love to achieve?

Embrace of souls is a project that I hope will reach the ears of many people and to excite them in some way with our music. Because music is life, and even if it can give you emotions through a song, a passage, a story or a note, they are priceless satisfactions. Close your eyes let yourself be carried away on this wonderful journey.

Interview by Marko Miranovic

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