Christian Eriksson (ex-Twilight Force vocalist)

Well, I have to say that I always loved Twilight Force when Christian Eriksson was in the band although the band sounds quite ok to me even now. But, my quest was to search and find what Christian is doing now since he has such a marvelous and remarkable vocals. And, yes I found him and we have one nice chat. So, you could now see what’s he is preparing in the near future. And, yes he’s about to return but in slightly different manner so to say.

We have a new band. We started a new band. And I can’t say much right now because I
do hate when people are like, yo, stay tuned, we got more new soon coming. I can’t say
anything about anything. But we have a full lineup. We have songs we have recorded 11 songs,
the drums right now. And we’re about to record it. And I have no idea where it’s gonna
take us if it’s gonna take us anywhere.

So, okay, right now, we don’t have the name of the band if I’m correct, or you don’t want
to reveal. And but could you tell us anything about the music style, at least? Some
titles for the songs?

Since I’ve been playing in Twilight Force and in NorthTale and everything I want wanted
to, to go back to the roots, feel like 17 again. Yeah, I mean, when we were younger, not
that I’m super old, but I’m still older than 17, I think the most important thing in the
music is having fun. Love what you’re doing and not lose that. And why are we making music?
So we made an album which is I would say it’s a mix of power metal and heavy metal.
Sometimes it’s it’s still very melodic, and sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s slow. But
it’s like a mix of power and heavy metal. Because I’m very very inspired from like in the
70s. One of my favorite bands is like Kansas also Halloween and in the old Gamma Ray.
There was no bullshit going on, that was my feeling. It was like music stand for something
and we are having fun. That is what we tried to do so now we will not focusing on like
we’re not going to take over the world we’re not gonna play every festival, we right now,
we are focusing on being friends having fun. Like I said, we got a six piece band lined
up with great members and we focus on like friendship and having fun, music is secondary,
but it goes pretty good because we got so many songs now, we chose 11 wants to record now.

Could you tell us more, for example, if you can unveil any titles of the songs, or
for example will be able to link with, for example, like Twilight Force, with more fantasy
stuff or more, I don’t know, real stuff, so to say? I mean power metal is always a little
fantasy at the end of the day.

I mean, we got one song that is very straightforward. It’s called Restless Mind. And I’ve
been, I’ve always been wondering, why am I so strange? Why can’t I ever fucking relax? My
brain is going all the time. Even when I’m going to sleep my brain is going. And then I
wrote a song about it and I put in the lyrics like the questioning of why is this and the
conclusion is I have a fucking restless mind. I can’t be still. So that is one song we got
which is like more direct to the topic as well very clear. But we still got songs where I
like to hide the message. I can sing about something else. go into battle or go into
whatever but the emotions in it is about something either self experienced or about
someone else. But I think it’s very important that whatever you sing about it has to have
a meaning. Otherwise, I can’t believe in it. Do you know what I’m what I’m talking about?

But nevertheless, aside that these are band for the fun. Do you have any ideas for any
record companies? Or any, now it’s very hard to say, but the live shows as well?

I mean, of course, we want to, we want to have a good label, we want to go out touring.
We want to do all that. But as for now, we don’t know. And we are not focusing on that.
Our focus right now is to make an album, the album I want to listen to. And the other
guys as well. Like, if I was 14, when I was younger, I went to the record store. And I
looked at the covers of new albums. And I remember I I saw HammerFall, Glory To The Brave.

So do I, yes, I could recall those times, since I’m little older than you. But yeah, I do
remember these times.

Yeah. And then the feeling you got from looking on the cover, like, Oh, it’s a cool cover.
And then you went to the desk and like, oh, can I please listen to this? And you knew
that you had like two songs to decide if you wanted that album. Because right next to you,
there was a huge metal guy standing like waiting, he had a pack of CDs he wanted to
listen to. So you knew that. Okay, I have to decide this by two songs, please. And when I
heard like, Dragon Lies Bleeding with Hammerfall, I knew I want this album. And the same
way with Battalions Of Fear with Blind Guardian. I listened to that because I thought it
was a great cover. And when they start with a song, and then it all breaks loose. I was
like, fuck me. But I need this record. And we want to do, we want to make an album that
that we get the same feeling of like being 14 again.

Nevertheless, could you recall some memories when it comes to the this tour actually
particular which was if I’m not correct, the last tour that you did with Twilight Force?

Wow. There’s, there’s a lot of memories. And I mean, generally when it comes to touring,
I love the thing that you never know exactly what you’re going to get. One time you’re
standing in us in a small club. 100 people in the audience. And the next day, you’re
standing in arena with 10,000 people. And you’re getting tossed like back and forth. One
day you’re you’re pampered like a king. Like I need a glass of water is like they carry
you to fill up the glass of water. And the other day is like I need a glass of water. No,
you’re not worth anything.

And for that tour with Aabaton and Accept we we had a great time. It was a massive
tour. It was nine weeks we were out. Which was was we did 52 shows. That was the most
massive tour. Excellent.

You ever did?

Yeah. I mean, normally you do tours of three, four weeks, which is okay. But this was
nine weeks. And we covered all of Europe, basically.

And for example, where was the best show? Or the best shows?

That’s that’s kind of a tricky question. I mean, if you go to like Bulgaria or Serbia or
Greece, people are more extreme. They’re louder, they’re more into it. And that’s because
I don’t think they’re like fed up with the good metal bands. If you know I mean, if you
compare it to Germany, like you say they go in a circle. They’re used to good metal bands
come in and play. So I love that in the with Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, people are more
into it. In Serbia, I thought they were gonna tear down the place because they were so
loud, which I love. But then again, when we played in Sweden in the closest one to our
hometown, a lot of our friends were their family and supporting. And so that was another
feeling. I mean, every show is unique. I didn’t think we have like a bad show or someplace
that where I felt like I never want to go back again.

The last time I saw you with Twilight Force was Wacken show. Was really huge Wacken
show, I could recall everything now. You know, and already the band at that time started
to be really bigger and bigger, then that’s kept on with you and everything. And I think
that those things were all over, in a way, you know, when it comes to people who are
receiving the band, and cetera and popular. But at some point, the band was really
starting to be really popular. And I could remember that you said, okay, this time, this
is the last, this is in the Preston, next time we are on the main stage. So can you
recall that time and these show at Wacken? And this was the last show?

Yeah, I remember it very well. And I mean, it was a crazy time. People in the industry,
were talking about us, like we were the new, the next big thing. Yeah. And we were
selling so many records. I mean, you don’t you don’t sell that much records of being a
band of our caliber at that time. And especially now when we got the internet and
everything and streaming and, but we still sold a lot of physical albums. But I mean,
it’s somewhere things got lost along the way. Because when we started Twilight Force, we
had so much fun, everything was about fun. And we were a bunch of friends doing stuff
together. Everything went bigger and bigger. And we grew apart. We wanted different things.
They wanted to take the fantasy thing to another level. And I didn’t want to go that way.
I want it to be to be like more human. If you know what I mean. And I respect those guys.
And they wanted to run everything and and do it their own way. And we grew apart. And I
remember that Wacken show, I was sitting sitting on stage and I felt Okay, this is
everything. I’ve been working for since I was a kid. I’m here now, I get to stand on this
stage. And there’s some massive crowd. Like tearing down the tent. The crowd was so loud.
But I couldn’t feel it in my heart that, this sounds so weird, but I was there, but I
felt like okay, this isn’t where I’m supposed to be.

Really strange.

I know. It’s It is really strange. I mean, I want to be there but not in that band.

Okay, I completely understand. So actually, in a way you have decided to separate the ways
with the band, If I’m correct?

Yeah, we were starting to talk about it. We had meetings about it. And we tried to like
come up with a solution, but in the end it’s hard to to like feed a family with fame.

To be honest, I’m surprised, I didn’t know about these things.

And I haven’t been talking about it because I don’t want any drama. I don’t want to fight
with them. And he said that he did that. I don’t want that. I like I say, I respect them.
But I felt for myself, I can’t do this anymore. I want to do something, something else.

Was it for you, maybe a hard thing, you know, to travel a lot, to do so many shows,
to be a part of the bigger band, if you get what I mean?

Yeah, and especially at that time, I was the only one in the band who got kids. And I
think that being away from the family, it sucks. And to like, watch your kids grow up on
Facebook isn’t really good. And like I say, they wanted to take it to the next level. And
and I felt like okay, I can’t do this anymore. Not like this. I still want to tour,
because that I love that, but we lost all the fun, If you know what I mean.

Of course, yeah, but it’s normal. This is a normal thing, actually. Things have become,
you know, bigger and bigger. The part of the fun is losing, you know, piece by piece.

Yeah. And I mean that is what it is. If you if you have a relationship, and it doesn’t
work out. I mean, no one comes in like okay, it didn’t work out. Yeah, but you know, I
mean, it’s the same thing. So we agreed to disagree. And I wish them all the best for the
future which I’ve always done. And I hope they wish me the best, I hope we can be friends
again. We started talking, me and the guitar player. Cuz everything happened so fast. We
went on one tour. Then there was another tour, Nuclear Blast another tour bigger, bigger,
bigger, bigger. And we didn’t realize how big it was about to become.

And, actually, a part of that, what’s about the money? Did you earned from that or the
money was in a way a problem?

Yeah, there was no money, and that’s why I say it’s hard to feed a family on fame.

I was thinking about that. There was not so much, at least there was no so much money.

None at all. We paid to go toward touring That is how it is our company pays for you, you
start a band, you start a company and the company pays for touring and everything, but I
mean none of us in the band was paid for this so we invested and invested, but yeah, like
I say it was wasn’t doable anymore, cuz I still need to pay the rent at home. I mean,
especially with higher rates anyway. Yeah.

I would like to ask you what is your view about the first two records, where you was a
part? Could you recall sometimes Tales of Ancient Prophecies, which was the debut album
of Twilight Force, and that time the band was not so much known, so to say.

They called me, it was Daniel and Philip, who called me and said, we got a album, we want
you to sing on it. And, and I said, Yeah, sure I can do that but, and we started it was
years ago, we started with this. And we had fun and I didn’t think it was never supposed
to be like a band from the beginning, at least not from from my side, we recorded the
album. And they worked on the album for years. And then one day they called me as like
the album is done. Do you want to come over and have a listen to it? Sure. And I did, and
we sat there and we were laughing and we had a great time. And, and by the time I got an
offer from Spain to come and play actually with another band with Sun Strike. And I talked
to them and they didn’t want to go on tour to play. So I said to Daniel and Philip, what
if we take Twilight Force and do a show? Okay, we need some members and then we, because
we are from a small town, Falun, we collected the members which are our childhood friends.
And then we went to Spain to play. And also we managed to get that album signed by some
friends of mine in Stockholm on the Black Lodge. And we didn’t think much about it. We
were like okay, let’s have fun. And then after that came the Glory Hammer tour. We did
the first tour. Which was also like Okay, let’s do it. We had fun. And then everything
just like kept on rolling. And after the Tales of Ancient Prophecies album, we were going
to record Heroes of Mighty Magic. Same with that that album where it was it was fun to
record it. We had a great feeling about it. But that was also the theme of the record
where they wanted to take it more orchestral, do it more like more symphonic than Tales
of Ancient Prophecies. Yeah,

Yeah, that is really, more epic, and the songs are longer, etc.

Exactly. But it was it was all great fun for that album too. Then we started to record on
the newest album.

The third one?

Yeah, the third one. So I recorded the Valley of the Vale, that song.

So you recorded some songs, actually?

I recorded one. But then after that, it fell apart. So I don’t think it ever will be
released, but it’s still there.

Did you ever checked if, you know, the latest record that Twilighty Force has done Dawn
of the Dragonstar with the Luca Turilli’s singer? I don’t recall his name.

Alessandro Conti.

Alessandro. Yes. You ever checked the album?

Yeah, of course. And I mean, Alessandra is a great friend of mine and, and he’s an
excellent singer. I think it fits well for the music But it’s like, that third album is
exactly what they wanted to do. They wanted to have a mix of the first and second album.
So I think it’s, for me personally it’s a little too symphonic. But it’s still a great
record and i think they’re doing great.

So what was actually the best part? If I’m correct, you are not so much into this fantasy
thing and the LARP thing when it comes to Twilight Force?

No, I’m not.

The other guys are, but you’re definitely not so much.

Exactly. I love fantasy. I’m not I’m not a fantasy nerd. But I love fantasy in that way.
Like, a lightweight fantasy guy. I mean, I love the Lord of the Rings, but the first layer
of fantasy, and I love Blind Guardian. But what I love with Blind Guardian is like, they
have created a fantasy world. A whole, like, yeah whole world about it, but they still go
out in like a good shirt, and T shirt.

Without without equipment, so to say.

Yes, exactly. Today, everyone is trying to talk to each other. It is like, oh, we’re gonna
have swords. Yeah, but we are gonna have laser swords. Yeah, but we are gonna have burning
laser swords, and so on. And we’re like, pushing everything to be the most extreme. And
for me is like, Okay, I like it more stand in a T shirt, sing about your world, that Blind
Guardian does, and they do it perfect.

Definitely. But still when it comes to Twilight Force, it was perhaps the last when it was
cool for me if you get what I mean. Still, because I like LARP and everything and it was
okay. You know, it was this was the last line. So yeah, it was the last line. So it was
not so much over top you know, I am I understand the feeling, when it comes to that, but
for the other bands, you know, it was really complicated. And on the other hand, what is
the problem I didn’t like the music. So that was the problem. There is a huge difference
between Blind Guardian and Glory Hammer, for example. And when Rhapsody did a thing at
that time, it was very cool if you get what I mean. Maybe they’re popular, they’re over
popular now etc. All these bands that you’re speaking but I never liked that music
actually. They try even even worse. I tried to skate style, you know, so I’ve stayed just
like you on Blind Guardian, old Halloween, old Gamma Ray. You know, these records from
90s are actually the best ones that work for me.

Yeah, that was the same way with production nowadays, I believe. With the album we’re
doing right now we want to go back. We want to go back to the roots of it, play the
instruments. Of course we’re gonna try and have like a modern production of it. Of course,
we still need that. But the main goal for this band is to be able to go into the studio,
hit record and then play. Because there’s so many layers to music today. And and when
they come out live, you need, like 200 backing tracks to back the CD up. If you know what
I mean.

Yes, of course, I’m quite familiar with that.

Yeah. And for me, we got a six piece band, and almost everyone is singing. We want to do
it like they did in the old days. And if that is good or not, I don’t know. But that is
what I feel we want to do.

I’m really looking forward, to check it out. Since you can now explained me what it’s all
about, you know, I have a higher expectation, so to say when it comes to the brand new
record that you’re recording now, and I’m really looking forward to to see how the things
will develop.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything if you have high expectations now. I’m just kidding.

What you told me, and what to expect, is that something that could actually interest me.
Well, I would like also to ask you one question about Blind Guardian, since you definitely
love Blind Guardian. I’m doing all the stuff and everything. You know, how did you get
into Blind Guardian, and was Blind Guardian one of the major bands that influenced you,
if I am correct?

It was, pretty much. I think I was 13 or 14, when I when I was introduced to Blind
Guardian. And that was by the cover of Battalions Of Fear, because that was the first
album I had. And I used to have that on my CD player. I set the time to wake up to
Battalions Of Fear, every morning. But every morning, I woke up, like, fourth or fifth
song on the album. So I slept through three or four songs before I even started to wake
up. And that is a pretty hard album. It’s not like a soft album.

Yeah, they’re definitely like early Halloween and Metallica.

Oh, yeah. I love that raw sound they had back in back then. And then they started to like
go more into the fantasy the Nightfall In Middle Earth, of course. It’s hard to top that
album. I mean, come on. It’s a perfect album. And when I heard that, especially those two
songs with Nightfall and Mirror Mirror. But also I had Somewhere Far Beyond. That was,
because that’s in the middle, like from Battalions Of Fear to Somewhere Far Beyond, and
to Nightfall In Middle Earth. You could hear in Somewhere Far Beyond where there were

Especially with the Theatre Of Pain.

Of course.

This was influenced very by Savatage, but nevertheless.

But I don’t know what to say. But I’m still a huge fanboy about Blind Guardian. They are
the the band in power, symphonic, whatever metal. To me, that is still there. If you know
what I mean.

And I haven’t heard about that can I can top that. And if you look, at I’m not gonna talk
shit about like Rhapsody, but when Rhapsody came, it was it was cool. It was great. I love
Holy Thunderforce. And a lot of other songs too. But they’re lost me quickly. But Blind
Guardian haven’t. And that is unique and, so cool. I don’t get starstruck very easily, but
if I met Hansi Kursch, I would be starstruck I promise you that. Because I respect him to
bits he is. I mean, I love his voice. I love his appearance. And that is also like coming
out on stage like, Oh, I I just made food for the kids. But now I’m gonna do a headline
show here. And I’m gonna make the best food for the kids and I’m gonna make the best show
it doesn’t matter. He’s so cool, he’s so relaxed and I love that. You don’t have to prove

Yeah, that’s definitely very true about Hansi, he is very calm down and cetera. On the
other hand, he’s very professional as well, you know. Quite professional. Because there
are so many things going on when it comes to industry, if you get what I mean, since I’m
in team with them etc. There are guys who are taking care about the merchandise, and
they’re very important you cannot believe how important they are. actually. For example,
all this stuff with long sleeves, t shirts and everything, EMP stuff and they’re like
the musical part of the band. Separated, but they are industrial part of the band and
cetera. So this they are very professional. That is lacking when it comes to Rhapsody, I

Yeah. But I remember, back in the day, when Blind Guardian made their own festival, in

  1. And when I watched the DVD for it, I was like, shit, they made their own festival
    out of the band. And they are they’re branding it and they are building it, it is so cool.

Well to complete the interview , now you’ve ever spoken about Twilight Force, and the new
band etc. Once more to return to Twilight Force. This time I would like more to
concentrate on Twilight Force, next time we will concentrate on newer band, if it is okay
for you. What was actually the best time and the best record when it comes Twilight Force,
that you recall?

The best time was in 2015, when we were out with Sonata Arctica and Freedom Call on
European tour. That was the best time in my opinion. Best recording was the one that will
never be released. No, but seriously, I think that song went really good actually, it
fitted really good. I don’t know maybe they will release it on some bonus track in some

In years to come so to say. Cool. But if you could choose between first and the second
album, which one was the best for you, the better, so to say?

I would say the second. No, I can’t choose, I say both in different way. I mean, the
first one had the good parts. It was like we didn’t realize anything of anything. We
didn’t think it was going to be a band at all. And the second one we were more focused on,
like, doing it for a purpose. And so I would say both of them, I really consider myself
fortunate to have recorded those albums, and so I can’t say which one is the best

Interview by Marko Miranovic

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