THE CROWN Royal Destroyer Metal Blade

Swedish destroyers The Crown have reached the album number 10 in Royal Destroyer which is no small feat, considering the band’s rough past but they have soldiered on mercilessly and here we are. They have never been the biggest band from Sweden, not riding any wave of popularity but they have always enjoyed cult status and not without reason. Their previous album Cobra Speed Venom saw a little resurgence in quality after two bit disappointing post reformation albums and I am happy to inform that The Crown have continued to go down that path. Truth be told, maybe The Crown is not the most original band in the world but they do have their own amalgamation of sound and originality. One can find elements of both melodic and brutal DM, thrash, even doom, heavy metal and hardcore punk in their style and so it is the case with Royal Destroyer. Case in point: take Let the Hammering Begin which is furious tribute to late Jeff Hannemann and We Drift on, the song that the band called their ballad. Two different sides of the spectrum but in the same time unmistakably The Crown. This band has always possessed rock’n’roll attitude so Royal Destroyer sounds off the rails, just like you are listening to bunch of guys having a few bears and playing the music that they love – of course packed in good production values. It seems that the new blood in the band that came a bit before previous album has freshened up the old dogs again so it can be clearly heard on the last two albums. Truth be told, days of their classic albums such as Hell is Here or Deathrace King are far behind them but as it seems, The Crown just refuses to die and they are ready to show the middle finger to the world once again with their mayhemic metal. After all, it’s good to have old guard still here to kick our asses.

Slobodan Trifunovic (7,5)

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