WITHERFALL Curse of Autumn Century Media

It has been a long time since the last time I disovered a new band or a new record in the
metal genre of prog/power, in a sense of old school bands such as Manticora, Communic,
Adagio, and so on.
And as already mentioned Adagio in this concept, and I must add that it’s one of the bands
that represent this genre and it’s vibe and a band that I really like, it’s the awesome band
to compare to the Witherfall. In that regard, instrumental parts of both bands shows incredible
amount of technical power but not losing on it’s great creativity and even catchiness, that
we can definitely see that on the Witherfall’s brand new record, Curse Of Autumn.

Getting into the new album, Curse of Autumn shows a lot of things from the start to the album’s
The guitar parts from the start, and keeps to the very end of the album, goes very progressively
in every songs, and changes unexpectively but fluidly in the songs, but it’s not loosing their
melodies. In fact, the album has a lot of catchiness and melodies that drive you through choruses
and some of the songs, like As I Like Awake depends on it’s catchiness, and kinda simpleness in that
regard, but it succeeds it in doing that.
Some other songs, like …And They Blew Away, which is in my opinion the most grandious song on
the album, shows incredible amount of progressions, changing but kinda intuitive vibe throughout
the song, and very storytelling feel to it.
Most like Adagio and even Communic, this band and their brand new record points out their incredible
talent of playing their instruments, especially guitars, that good that you see their virtuosity but
without loosing the listener while doing that.
And I wouldn’t be myself if I don’t say something about the amazing vocal-works. With all the respect
for the instrumental part of the album, the vocals shine as bright as the sun! Since I compared the
Witherfall’s new record musically to the Adagio’s and Communic’s music, I must say that the vocals here
reminds me a bit of Tim Ripper Owens, but also to Adagio’s vocals and even Mark Boals vocal tones here and there.
Pretty complexly done vocals and follows the glorious guitar-works incredibly well, and paints the album
and it’s storytelling at a superb level.
Album thematic as well as album cover artwork are done amazingly, too! As much as I could get the lyrics
and album atmosphere, it’s a kinda half-conceptual story about the Autumn season done on the next level,
but putting it in halfly fictional and halfly metaphorical. The ochre color and feeling the winds in the
album by listening to it you’ll feel it as it can become real any moment.

All in all, this Witherfall’s new album is something that we needed in the prog/power genre for quite some
time. Quite refreshing and musically magnificent. The album justifies the band’s name and their previous record,
and I would recommend not only to progressive and power metal fans, but world wide to any metal fans, no matter
if you are Iron Maiden lover or a Chuck Schuldiner’s Death fan.

Nikola Obradovic (9.5)

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