Damn! If we thought that we saw everything good regarding power metal in this year, I must
tell you that we’re so wrong, and that’s a good thing!
Ladies and gentlemen, Warrior Path is striking back and they big the big guns to the power
metal table, and it’s name is Daniel Heiman.

Yes, a power metal vocal legend Daniel Heiman is joining forces with Warrior Path in their
new album called The Mad King (such a great name for this new record I must say).
As we all know, Daniel was a lead singer to the power metal band that I really love, called
Lost Horizon. After their second album the singer left the band and Lost Horizon stopped their
new material from the works. Daniel joined Heed, not so much popular band, and not as much
in the same style, he sung their one album and then left that band too. After all this time
Daniel is back, stronger as ever, shining bright on The Mad King album, and I must say it’s a blast!

Warrior Path’s first self-titled album was very good album, and it also had a very strong vocal
musician, Yannis Papadopoulos, that sung as great bands such as Wardrum, Crosswind, Beast In Black, etc.
It seems that guys from WP aims for the greatest power metal vocals, and their hunt so far are
very successful, especially the brand new record.
The Mad King as it starts, we hear the intro song that is instrumental, and it foreshadows in a good
way what we should expect from the instrumental part of the album. Very melodic and catchy stuff.
As the second song starts and the album goes by song by song, the Daniel vocals fires up the album
and the album rises to it’s full potential.
The vocals on the album shows both, Daniel Heiman’s vocals full strenght such as on the Lost Horizon,
and in the same time the instrumental works that are done amazingly, by showing it’s great dynamics
on their own and also leaves a spotlight on the vocals too.
The guitar works are amazingly done, that are not as too virtuosy but have a very interesting flow, by
mixing the rythm and melodies that are very catchy and creative but also not overly complex, and
it goes amazingly with the vocals. Also the drum parts are very driving, since they’re not too agressive
and leaves the other on the album to be the highlights, such as vocals and on point gutars, but also
have a very nice bridges from time to time, so that listener doesn’t get bored of the drums.
Most of the songs, if not all, are concepted in it’s structure to be like a hit songs. Those have
very empowering vibe to it and it really boosts the motivation of the listener to like go to battle
and to feel mighty!
Same as we speak of the lyrics, so far what I could catch from the lyrics is the type of thematics that
shows not too deep and complex story, but very easy to taste and understand, which are mostly like
warrior’s and king’s epic story and adventures. Very much driving the listener to the epic world to go
and fight the dragons and knights!
Last but not the least is the cover artwork, which is had it’s own mostly epic note, but not in a
too serious tone, but halfly comedic a like, so it also shows easiness to digest by the eye.

All in all, there is not much to be add other than the album is such a strong addition to power metal
army, and in a sense that I really like the album, I would also recommend this album not only to power
metal fans such as myself, but all the metalliers that want a great, empowering, warrior metal experience.


Nikola Obradovic (9.5)

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